Don’t Forget To Change Your Air Filters

After owning our first house for more than two years now, we have learned a ton about homeownership and what it takes to keep things running smoothly.  The end result of all this learned has taught me that it takes a ton of money, time, and work in order to keep things in tip top shape all the time. There are tons of things that I would have never thought of having to do when we purchased our first house.  These things are small, yet extremely important to stay on top of to prevent costly fixes to your household appliances as well as HVAC unit or other heating and cooling system. It’s important to have a professional come out and check your appliances at least once a year for cleaning as well as check for energy efficiency and where things can be improved.  I didn’t think these things were necessary at first, until we had our first huge bill from the HVAC company. We hadn’t had our unit serviced in over a year and things were just not running properly. We tried to do research online to troubleshoot, but ultimately we needed a professional HVAC technician to help us. After we finally broke down and called, they came right out that same day.  Luckily, that time our unit just needed a good cleaning and tune up, and after looking around our home he realized that our air filters were so clogged that nothing was getting through! I was so embarrassed that now I diligently change our air filters each month to make sure we are breathing clean air!

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