Hotel Visit

Recently, our HVAC unit has stopped pumping out heat.  Thankfully it hasn’t been that big of a deal because it hardly ever gets really cold where we live.  However, over the last week the temperature has dropped into the teens! When the weather changed, we turned up our thermostat only to find out that cold air was being pumped through our air ducts.  This was puzzling because we had just had our annual HVAC tune up just before the start of winter. We tried resetting the thermostat several times and turning the unit off and on again. This worked for a few moments and then the air went back to cold again.  We called our local HVAC professional and had someone come out right away. Almost as soon as he arrived, he knew what was happening. Our thermostat was malfunctioning and continuing to run the air conditioning even when the heat setting was turned on. We ended up having to purchase a new thermostat which took a few days to arrive.  Luckily, there was a hotel very close to our house that we were able to stay at that had a brand new heating and air conditioning unit we could enjoy. After a few days, we got the call that our new thermostat had arrived and was due to be installed. We headed home and found that they had upgraded us to a new smart thermostat! We could not be happier with the outcome of our situation and the positive experience with our local HVAC company.

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