Overheated picture day

With three kids, I have a difficult time remembering to pack everyone’s lunches in the morning, let alone the finer details of life.  In the beginning of the school year I always get their pictures taken on picture day so I have a little memento of each of them in grade school.  Last year, however, was a nightmare. I remember that it was a very hot day for fall, and I’d dressed each child in a sweater. Usually in the fall it is ok, and the school air conditioner is usually on too high anyway, so a sweater is needed.  But today, my poor kids had to suffer through the day in sweaters when the school HVAC system malfunctioned. I only heard about it after the fact, but teachers were opening windows trying to cool the students down. Not only did the air conditioner stop working, but somehow the heating system began pumping out hot air throughout the school!  My poor kids must have been sweating and sweltering in those sweaters all day. It’s funny to look back on the pictures now, because all three look exhausted and flushed from the heat with their hair at funny angles because of their sweaty heads. My eldest son said that he saw the HVAC company’s truck pull up to the school and they brought 5 certified HVAC technicians to take care of the problem.  Only after most of the day was finished and pictures were taken did the school start to cool down and the thermometer began to read a reasonable temperature once again.

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