While out driving on a rainy night, have you ever noticed that your windshield wipers are going in time to the music you are listening to? Better yet, have you ever tried to make them go in time? If so, then perhaps you and I are a similar type of people. Everything is music and rhythm to me. If things seem to conflict rhythmically I may even get sick to my stomach. I can’t focus on anything, I can’t sleep, and I can’t eat if things are conflicting to my ears. The other day I was sitting in my kitchen reading the newspaper, at a precise rhythm of 125 beats per minute of course, when I noticed that my poor old HVAC system was thumping something awful. I am not sure what could possibly be thumping in a heating and cooling system, but it sounded like cannons sounding off in the distance. This climate control cacophony was coming from my basement and normally I wouldn’t worry about furnace or air conditioner things a whole lot. Unfortunately, on this day, whatever was going on with the HVAC system was pulsing and making an awful ruckus that was out of time with my reading. The air conditioner was not on and it was a little cold out, so it only makes sense that the issue was furnace related. Why on earth was the machine that is knowd to give me comfort, mainly in terms of air quality and temperature, doing me such a disservice? It was like my heater was actually trying to hurt me. I had to get it fixed right away.

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