I know it’s time for a new heater

My current gas heater is positively ancient. It was already installed when my husband and I bought our home, and we have lived here for over twenty years, and we’ve had very few problems with the heater. I’ve always made sure to schedule proactive maintenance with a licensed hVAC contractor every fall. A technician comes to the house and throughout cleans the inner workings, tightens connections and lubricates moving parts, and he removes any buildup of contaminants and troubleshoots for any worn or broken parts. Despite all of this regular care, the heater is beginning to show its age. I’ve noticed that the operational sound is gradually growing louder, and there is definitely a lot more dust blowing around in the house, and although I change the air filter more frequently, the furnace is providing less and less heat. On really cold winter nights, my house feels slightly chilly. The furnace runs for much longer cycles because it’s struggling to keep up with demand. The result is much higher monthly energy bills and an uncomfortable home, and I have considered replacing the furnace, but hate to spend the money when it is still operational. However, if I wait for it to quit entirely, we may end up stranded without heat. The heater is most likely to fail when it’s working the hardest, during the coldest months of winter. I would like the opportunity to choose the ideal heating system, and handle the installation process during milder weather, and I have decided to ask a local HVAC contractor for an estimate to at least get started on the heater replacement.

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