The sunshine feels amazing

Last winter, we dealt with really severe temperatures and accumulated a record amount of snow. When spring finally arrived, the outside temperature rose quickly, all that snow melted, and we got hit with a series of storms. There was a tremendous downpour of rain and high winds. We ended up with massive flooding and power outages, and my home was without power for over a week. With no electricity, we had no access to running water, internet, lights, air conditioning, dehumidifier or sump pump. Without the sump pump, the basement filled with water, and there was a great deal of damage. Without the air conditioner, the house was horribly overheated and sticky. It was impossible to get comfortable or sleep at night. Since we couldn’t run the dehumidifier, the indoor air was excessively humid and we had issues with mold growth. The whole ordeal cost us a small fortune. While going without power was expensive and terribly inconvenient, we were able to manage it. If this had happened during the winter, we would have been forced to move into a hotel. There’s no way my family could remain in the home without a working gas heater. We often deal with temperatures below zero. I would definitely be concerned about the water pipes freezing and bursting. I decided to invest in a standby generator to provide power to the house in the event of an outage. Although the generator was super costly, I think it was worth it. No matter what the weather brings, I know that I can keep my sump pump, air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier, and water heater running. I can avoid the disruption, damage, and safety risks of a sudden power outage.

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