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I hate wearing winter jackets when I’m shopping in a store. They’re so bulky, so if it’s a warm enough winter day, and I can park close enough, usually I’ll remove it in the car and dart into the store, but that’s not possible when I go to the supermarket. That’s because the temperature is not customer-friendly.

With freezer cases and refrigerated foods lining three lines of the store, cold air is blowing everywhere. That’s never a problem in the summer, because when you’re coming in from the outdoors, you’re warm enough, but in the winter, there’s a battle going on between the heat and the cold and the heat is outmatched. I actually wonder if the supermarkets don’t even bother to adequately heat their stores, because they know customers will shop with their coats on. No one’s going to simply stop grocery shopping  because of this, so turning the thermostat up to 65 degrees is an unnecessary expense. So, I handle this by wearing my coat, but throwing it into the shopping cart for a few minutes when I’m too hot.

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