Forgot my jacket

Have you ever left home without your jacket, and then headed out somewhere with frigid air conditioning? This happened to me last week. I was headed off to a job interview, and I forgot my blazer. My stomach dropped. I do not think well when I am cold, and I knew that I would look so much less professional without that blazer. I was already worried about doing well in this interview, and now that my outfit was not what I had planned, I was even more nervous. When I arrived for the interview, I felt that the air conditioning was blasting. I felt even more nervous. The air conditioning seemed to prey on my nerves. Somehow, I had goosebumps, and I was also sweating! It made no sense. Before the interview started, I immediately apologized to the interviewer about my lack of a jacket. She, in return, apologized to me for the cold office! She stated that their HVAC had not been working properly, and that someone was due out that very day to work on the air conditioning unit. Having someone there later that day did nothing to help my interview though. I stumbled and stuttered my way throughout the whole thing. It was all my fault because I had forgotten my jacket! Of course, their air conditioning certainly had problems, but I did not want to blame the company. Oddly enough, just a few days later, I got the job! I was completely shocked. I guess that my unpreparedness for the air conditioning did not ruin my interview after all!

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