How to sue someone

There are particular sides of law that make a ton of sense to me. I see where the people I was with and I need divorce barristers plus real estate barristers. Personal injury law services consistently has me a little baffled though. I suppose the reason is the range of personal injury services. Some of the things that fall under personal injury make absolute sense to have a barrister on. If you take medication that gives you heart problems or leads to difficulty having kids, there should be some compensation for this. If you buy a defective product that ends up injuring you, than legal action is required. Construction, auto accidents plus trucking accidents all make sense to use an attorney to solve the matter. Someone is seriously wronged in these cases plus you need a barrister to demand for your rights to be noticed. The one facet under personal injury that bothers me is slip plus fall. Slip plus fall is just ridiculous. Do the people I was with and I particularly need to seek legal help when the people I was with and I fall down? The people I was with and I have wet floor signs, caution it is sizzling signs plus all other indications everywhere. I think the people who qualify under slip plus fall are just looking for money. They fall at someone’s home, hurt themselves plus then want to be paid for it. How about be more careful? There is no need to get a barrister involved since you were not paying attention, however even if the fall was bad enough to seek medical treatment or take time off of work, do you particularly need money for it? Unless you were pushed or in a immense fight, I don’t see the need for a barrister.

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