New puppy is finally working out for parents

About a month ago, my mom mentioned that she and my dad wanted to get a small dog. Their Labrador retriever had recently passed away, and my dad really wanted a companion dog to keep him company while he is at home alone during the day. I took it upon myself to find them a suitable dog. I scoured newspaper ads and local listings online until I found them an adorable, caramel-colored, curly-haired poodle. My parents named her Sybil. I was quite proud of myself for finding them such a cute dog. Unfortunately, the next day, my mom called to tell me that Sybil had gotten underneath their mobile home and ripped up a bunch of ductwork so she could feel the air conditioning! They ended up having to call out an HVAC company to repair the ductwork, and the HVAC repair ended up costing a couple hundred dollars. I was mortified, and I thought that, because of the HVAC repair, my parents were going to give away Sybil. They did not, however. I think her sweet nature and curly hair saved her! They started keeping an eye on her when she went outside so that she would not have a chance to rip up the ductwork. She has not messed with the HVAC again, and my parents now love her very much. The new ductwork has been installed and paid for, and they have forgive Sybil for messing up the original ductwork. Even after all of that trouble and expense and frustration, I guess she was a good choice, after all!

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