I looked at everything

One of the first homes my husband and I ever owned was a new property that had been flipped by a local realtor.  It wasn’t perfect in the least, but it was ours and there were easily enough cosmetic complications that we felt as though we could make it ours.  One of the things that we changed pretty much right away was the colors of the walls. The guy who had flipped the new property had chose to paint incredibly dark colors everywhere and we both enjoy light colors so the rooms appear to be light and airy.  Among the multiple things we had planned to fix ourselves there was one thing that popped up completely unexpectedly. As the summertime changed into fall, we came to realize that there was one room in our new property that was regularly cold. No matter what we did it was always cold and drafty.  After a few months of the unexplained cold in this one room, we came to the understanding that there was no heating installed into this room. The whole new property was heated by electric baseboard heating but this one room had no baseboard heating installed whatsoever. We sort of felt like idiots for taking so long to realize why this one room was so incredibly frosty.  We arranged to have an appointment with a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier and they sent out professional the next day. After the professional tested everything out, he informed us that the room in question appeared to be an expansion built after the rest of the new property which basically meant that it would be incredibly extravagant to have electric baseboard heating equipment installed into that room so he recommended that we use a ductless mini split to heat and cool the room.  After he explained how the equipment worked, we definitely agreed that it seemed like the best move to make. Once the ductless mini split was installed into the lake property, that room was regularly the ideal temperature.

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Turning on the Heating and Air Conditioning when You Move

I live in a pretty small southern city. It is not tiny and out in woods or anything, but it is certainly not a metropolis. Some of the things we have to do are a little behind the times. For example, getting the air conditioning and water heater put in your name when you move into a new place. My friend who lives in a much larger city, is simply able to go online or pull up the city app on her phone. She can set the move-in date and provide the necessary information, and when she gets to her new place, her lights work, her a/c is turned on, the water heater is working, and so on. That is not at all the way it works here. When I moved into a different rental in this city, I hat to coordinate with the previous tenant to get the utilities shut off in his name and put in mine. Can you imagine? It is ridiculous. We both were forced to go stand in line at city hall and take care of this together. I hat to actually turn the utilities on a week early because he was leaving town, plus if I waited, I would have no heating and cooling or water heater when I moved in. They have to send a person to physically turn off the utilities and then turn them back on. So, I ended up having to pay for water heater I did not use and air conditioning that someone else enjoyed for one whole week. Having a/c and a good water heater is vital and the city needs to catch up with the modern times!


Americans are Spoiled by their HVAC systems

Have you ever traveled outside of our country? There are so many places to go and things to see and people to meet. The best thing about traveling, in my opinion, is coming back home! It is great to see how others live, and quite frankly, traveling makes me realize how spoiled we are here in the United States. We have electricity available all day and night every day of the year. Not all countries have that. We have refrigeration for our food and comfort. Not all countries have that. We have plumbing and running water. Not everyone does. Most significantly, we are spoiled by our heating and cooling systems. Here in our country, we never have to be too hot or too cold. We have furnaces and boilers and heated floors for the winter months. We have air conditioning and heat pumps for the summer months. If we move too much in our offices at work, we can just flip the thermostat down a couple of degrees and feel instantly cooled. Cooling and heating is amazing. We have HVAC zone control just in case our house is so big that we have rooms that don’t need a/c because no one is ever in them. Or, we can use HVAC zone control to provide everyone their own personalized thermostat setting. It is shocking, I am sure, to people who come here from other places and do not have A/C luxuries. WE are fortunate, blessed, and spoiled by our heating and cooling units.

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I am finally happy

I have spent the last year of our life laid up not being able to do much of anything.  It was really terrible, and going to the gym was definitely off the table. Last month I was given the okay to get back out there, so I hit up the gym the very next day.  However, when I walked into my regular gym, I was astonished by how hot it felt inside. I found it to be entirely taxing to even enjoy my routine because I was feeling overheated just by resting there deciding where I wanted to get started.  I tried to give my gym the benefit of the doubt thinking that perhaps their HVAC equipment was on the fritz. After going to the gym for a few days, I came to find it was not a problem with their HVAC system, they just kept the temperature control set way too high.  For the next few weeks, I tried out several gyms trying to find a modern place where I could really enjoy my exercising. I am not all that sure if I am just picky however I was dissatisfied with all the gyms I visited since they were either too hot or too freezing. I finally decided that I would buy some essential equipment and workout from my own property where I could control the temperature control to my own liking.  I wouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in the least by doing my intense routines in a terrible temperature control setting. I actually don’t even have to walk to my temperature control to adjust it, as I am able to simply adjust the setting from my cell phone. This really comes in handy when I don’t want to interrupt my workout. This is honestly the best solution for me and I am now able to spend more time at my property too which is an added bonus.  This is especially true since I have a cat who pouts whenever I leave the house!

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Using the HVAC system to enforce rules.

My dad had some crazy ideas when it came to raising kids.  He always thought that we needed to be treated like soldiers in his own private Army.  When I say that he was strict, that is an understatement. We always had chores to do and if we didn’t finish them we had more added on the next day.  He would check our rooms daily for cleanliness and even use a white glove in the bathroom. With all of that, there is one thing that stands out more in my memory than anything else.  There were four of us girls and he hated the way we dressed as teenagers. If he had his way, he would have had us dressed like Amish people or Nuns. Anyway, he devised a plan to make sure we wore the proper amount of clothing year round.  He called our HVAc dealer and had them come install a programmable thermostat. This was tied into his cell phone and had a parental code so we couldn’t change the settings. We would get dressed in the morning and if he didn’t like our choices, he would turn the thermostat down so we would find ourselves freezing cold in a matter of minutes. We would be forced to put on extra clothing to keep warm.  He would even use this technique in the middle of winter because he would turn off the heat until we complied. Who knew that you could use a household appliance to help enforce the dress code. It is funny though, now that I have daughters of my own, I may use that same trick when they get to be teenagers. It was very effective after all.

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HVAC system ruined my date

My boyfriend has been working crazy hours lately and we seldom get to spend time together.  He is usually too tired after work to do anything but shower, eat, and go to bed. This can definitely put a strain on a relationship. I was super excited last week when he told me that he was going to be off for two whole days that weekend.  We planned to use the time off for some much needed togetherness and a trip out for dinner and a movie. There was a new Mexican place we wanted to try and it was located close to the theater. It would be perfect! I spent the whole afternoon getting ready.  It is mid-July so I dressed in one of my summer outfits and took along a light sweater just in case. When we arrived at the restaurant they asked if we wanted to be seated by a window, we said sure, but that was a mistake. As we sat there, looking over the menu, the HVAC air vent above us blasted really cold air on us. The place was packed so I knew that moving to another table would be almost impossible.  My boyfriend asked the waiter if there was anyway to turn down the HVAC system but he had no clue. He said he would mention it to the manager but I don’t think he ever did. Halfway through dinner our teeth were practically chattering and all I could think of was getting out of there and going home. My mood, along with my boyfriend’s, was totally ruined.

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Who wouldn’t love this

I lived in the Deep South for numerous years, and the humidity down there is really intense. If you don’t stay on top of the humidity, you end up with mold on everything you own; your clothes, your shoes, your belts, your towels – everything! I had to run a dehumidifier pretty much every day, especially in the garage as well as the washroom. When I made the decision to move to the mountains, I was not at all prepared for how dry the air gets. My skin started to crack as well as I was dehydrated all of the time. In the winter months, when the heat was blasting, it would be a great deal worse. So, I finally decided that I would have to invest in a powerful humidifier to go alongside my heating as well as cooling equipment. I’ve been putting off buying one because I am saving for a nice car. This month was definitely the final straw. I was suffering from dry eyes, itchy skin, cracked lips, as well as even a nose bleed after turning up my forced air heating equipment. It was incredibly freezing in the morning when I was shoveling the snow off my vehicle as well as I decided that I would go straight to the large box stores after work to purchase a quality humidifier for my entire property. I just could no longer stand the thought of relaxing in my well heated property suffering from the total lack of moisture. I arranged for an upgrade for the next afternoon as well as was seriously happy when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker finally knocked on my door. He would be setting up the humidifier to run in conjunction with my heating equipment so that my home would be at the perfect level of humidity. I was so relieved when I woke up the next day as well as could breathe once more!

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No air conditioning in our rental home

I like to travel a lot.  Every chance I get I am booking a new trip to some place new and exciting.  What I really like about traveling is I get to experience new cultures and meet new and unique people along the way.  One of the best parts about planning trips is I get to decided where I want to go and where exactly I want to stay. There are so many unique place available for rent these days that it’s always a treat to be able to book a place that’s not a normal hotel room in the city.  Now, you can book a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, or you can book a condo right on the beach. The possibilities are endless! Although, the last place that I booked was not so great. After arriving late and feeling absolutely exhausted, I realized that the house had no air conditioning! It was the middle of summer too, on the second floor.  Naturally, I thought opening the windows would work just fine, only to realize that it was so humid outside that everything immediately felt wet. I couldn’t believe a house, in this day and age, wouldn’t have access to any sort of air conditioning system! Luckily they had a few fans that I set up for a little air circulation but with no climate control I wasn’t going to last long there.  The next day I packed up my stuff and decided to check into the next spot early. I knew they had air conditioning available!

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Dust buildup in our air filters

We all know that things can get dusty and grimey from time to time around the house.  What I didn’t know was that this really has a lot to do with your air filtration and air filters throughout your home.  I’d go over to friends houses and everything would be so immaculate and clean and I later realized that it was because they had great air purification and changed their air filters on a regular basis.  This is when I decided that we needed a better indoor air quality. I called up our local HVAC specialist and inquired about their top of the line air purification systems available to us. They gave a few options and I decided it was going to be worth our money to purchase the best unit possible.  After the install, we also decided to have our air ducts cleaned, just so we could start fresh. What the HVAC technician found in our air ducts was so gross. He found tons of dust, pollen, and dirt buildup to fill a truck! He said our air ducts probably hadn’t been touched in quite some time. I was so embarrassed, but was glad to have all of that dirt out of our house!  It was then I realized that was why our air filters were getting clogged so often as well. No only was new dust being pulled through our air ducts but the old stuff was piling up too! Since then, the air in our house has felt so clean and pure I could not be happier with our new air purification system!

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Would never choose cold climate

If it was up to me, I would absolutely never live in a cold climate again. My boyfriend always thinks it’s funny to bring up the fact that I was born and raised in northern Illinois, yet I can’t stand cold temperatures. However, I feel as though this is an amazing point about how wickedly smart I truly am! Only a fool would continue to live in the midwest for their entire life, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve dealt with over 25 years of intense and long lasting winters, fleeting springs, hot and humid summers, and dank autumns. I know what to expect from the highly variable climate there. I would never try to convince myself that winter was actually an enjoyable experience because of the scenic white snowfall. In short, I have seen enough of what the midwest has to offer when it comes to seasonal climate conditions and temperatures. I have since decided that I’m not interested. For the rest of my life, I plan to reside somewhere with less seasonal variance and far more consistently warm weather. I intend to move to the west coast, where I can count on sunshiny days and moderate temperatures all year round. Or else I will live in the southern region of the country, where it will be continually hot and humid. I know that these climates will come with their own particular challenges. I will need plenty of air conditioning and indoor ventilation to contend with the hot environments. But I’ve thought about it long and hard, and I am ready to deal with oppressive heat and airborne moisture every day.

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