IAQ in the south

Living down south, I am unapologetically dependant on my cooling system.  I operate the a/c for around eight months out of the year usually. With tropical outside temperatures always in the upper eighties as well as nineties, the cooling system carries a monumental heavy workload.  In my area, my family also deal with humidity constantly. Even the with a/c running at max capacity, I often have condensation forming on the windows of my home. I often scrub with bleach, because mold, mildew, pathogens and dust mites thrive in hot and moist environments.  While the a/c is designed to keep a pleasing, cool temperature, it cannot handle the high levels of humidity continually. I found myself needing to turn down the thermostat during the day which of course places greater strain on the a/c. This resulted in overcooling of the house, really high electric bills, on top of all this I was still dealing with that sticky feeling.  When I consulted with a local HVAC supplier, he was adamant that I invest in a whole-house dehumidifier to resolve my problem. He described the purpose of dehumidifiers, explaining that they incorporate directly into the existing cooling system to remove dampness from the indoor air. The dehumidifier makes conditions better throughout the home. It maintains optimum relative humidity, which makes the air feel cooler. This means that I can raise the thermostat  setting a bit. The decreased workload for the a/c translates into energy savings, costs savings, as well as greater longevity for the system overall. Now, my house stays cleaner, more comfortable, as well as is really healthier for my family. Bacterial growth no longer is a worry, which means the air stays fresh. It eliminates the possibility of moisture damage to my imported wood furnishings, vintage books, paintings, as well as more. Since the dehumidifier operates silently with the cooling system and requires hardly any upkeep, I barely even notice it running.  

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Don’t like our boiler in the home

A couple of years ago, I relocated from the south to the north to benefit from a work opportunity.  With a decent pay increase, it was to my advantage to sell my house, pack up and move. I was then rushed to find our family a new residence up north.  I made the choice based on the location, size of the property, and square footage of the house. I observed that just about everything else could be changed.  I found contractors to install a modern living room, remodel the old bathroom, expand the kitchen and build a mud room. I spent a fortune getting that house set up in the way that my family needed it.  Because of this, I could afford to take a look at changing the furnace. I wasn’t content with the grossly oversized, outdated boiler system that I found in the basement. I imagined the boiler would be distractingly loud, dirty, unreliable, and inefficient.  I dreadfully expected to be faced with excessively high utility bills and a chilly house. I realized that I would never replace the boiler, by the end of the first winter season in the newly remodeled house. It is uniquely the best feature of the entire house.  Although it’s massive and unappealing, the boiler runs silently, requires honestly little care and provides plenty of heat. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside, my abode is always perfectly warm. The boiler supplies a gentle and even wave of heating, and is exceptionally dependable.  I hire an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor to inspect and service furnace every year, and I’ve never had a complication with the operation. Plus, it is highly energy efficient and my regular heating bill is never outlandishly high.

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terrible indoor air on a plane

This day I forced myself to get out of bed at 5 AM, in order to make it to the airport on time.  The outside temperature was twenty-two degrees, plus it was snowing steadily. I bundled up in my wool coat, heavy Winter boots, gloves plus hat, plus then proceeded to spend twenty  hours brushing the snow off my car. I left the car running with the heating system blasting while I scraped the ice off the windshield. I needed to operate the heating system plus defrost at maximum capacity for the entire hour drive to the airport.  Once I found a parking spot, I made the long walk to the terminal through numerous feet of snow plus horrendous cold. Inside the terminal, the air was so stuffy plus overheated that I immediately started to sweat. I removed my heavy Winter coat plus boots plus stuffed them into my suitcase.  I was overheated while I waited another hour to board the plane. The air quality on the airplane was so awful that I instantly got a headache plus started to sneeze. I also wanted my Winter coat back, because it felt as if the air conditioner was now working overtime. I tried fiddling with the vent above my head, but couldn’t escape the draft of frigid air.  During my layover, I was once again exposed to the overuse of a commercial oil furnace. The airport was so hot plus the air so dry that I ended up with a nosebleed. I boarded my minute airplane plus shivered for more than two more hours. I was so excited to finally arrive at my hotel plus have control over a temperature control plus some scrub air to breathe.  

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Love the hydronic heater the best

When my hubby Wayne as well as I built our modern home, there was no question what type of oil furnace we would install. Because we live in a section of the country which is cold as well as snowy the majority of the year, we wanted a oil furnace which would provide effective, even, as well as energy efficient comfort. The perfect solution was a hydronic oil furnace with radiant flooring. There is a boiler system installed in the basement which is linked to a looping series of pipes concealed beneath the floors. The boiler sends sizzling water through the pipes which infuses heat into the air. Because the heat originates at floor level as well as isn’t aggressively blown into the room, it doesn’t rise immediately to the ceiling. It remains right where it does the most good, providing ideal comfort at lower thermostat settings. There is no shock when I get up in the afternoon and set my bare feet on the floor. When it’s time to take my shower, the tiles in the washroom are nice as well as warm.  When I sit in the kitchen to cook dinner, I’m totally comfortable. I don’t need to wear heavy socks, slippers, or bundle up in blazers on chilly Wintertime afternoons. Plus, there is no need for me to humidify the air because of the combination of dry Wintertime air as well as the oil furnace. Hydronic heating doesn’t draw moisture out the home, which avoid problems such as static shock, frizzy hair, chapped lips, as well as aggravated flu symptom as well as asthma system. This type of heating is also exceptionally clean, promoting healthier indoor air conditions. Since the heat is transferred by water instead of air, there isn’t a bunch of dust as well as contaminants getting in. There’s also none of the energy losses, noise, as well as service neighbored with a duct system. In fact, the boiler as well as radiant system require only minimal upkeep, provide amazing reliability, as well as long service life. In my opinion, no other oil furnace compares to hydronic heating.

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Our HVAC ducts were totally wrecked

We recently had a large problem with rodents at my house.  We’ve always enjoyed watching little animals run around my yard, climb the trees and sometimes gather up nuts.  We properly set up a feeder for squirrels. However, when we heard them scurrying around inside our walls, we weren’t happy.  We knew they could cause tremendous damage. As much as weI didn’t want to harm the rodents, we were forced to set traps as well as put out poison.  We then dealt with the horrendous odor of decomposing rodents. Fortunately, at least it was in the Springtime when the weather was mild. We were able to open the windows which allowed in some fresh air.  By the time summer arrived, we thought we were all done with the problem. When we started up our a/c, it couldn’t keep up. It seemed to run consistently but never achieve the correct temperature. There simply wasn’t a good amount of cool air coming from the supply vents.  Our home felt overheated and sticky at all times, and our electric bill was unusually high, and we also noticed there was dust blowing around in the house, which made the air smell bad. We sent for a local Heating as well as A/C supplier. The serviceman told us that the rodents had created holes in our duct system, which was allowing the cool air to all escape.  We were paying high energy bills but still had discomfort because of those animals. We paid a huge a/c repair bill as well.


Heat pump purchase was necessary

A few years ago, Jim bought a small chalet near the mountains.  He wants retire into this chalet one day. Since he won’t retire for another ten years, he’s rented out the chalet.  For the most part, the rent basically covers the cost of his mortgage. As long as there are no big repairs or upgrades needed, he comes out even.  However, just last year, there was a pretty major complication with the heat pump installed in the chalet. When he called in a professional Heating and Air Conditioning company for an estimate on repairs, Jim hoped the cost would be minor.  The entire heat pump needed to be upgraded and he was not thrilled to hear that. The Heating and Air Conditioning company insisted that the big repair would cost more than upgrade, and not provide long-term consistency. The heat pump was already fourteen years old at the time.  He took out a loan to pay for the major purchase and upgrade of the new heat pump. The cost of utilities is included in his rent, so he decided to spend a bit more to get a better, more energy efficient heat pump. The new pump features something the guy called variable speed technology. He said it allows the machine to regulate speed according to demand.  The longer cycles that occur at lower capacity conserve energy and minimize some of the wear and tear on all the equipment. He’s kind of envious that his renters are going to enjoy the superior comfort offered by this better, more expensive and innovative piece of technology. By the time he moves in, the heat pump will probably be old and outdated.

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Air conditioning has a ton of mold in it

Renting can certainly be awful occasionally. For example, two weeks ago I had to move for what was like the 20th time. Being a single mom, you have to roll with the punches. The beach house we were renting was being turned back into an Airbnb, so she offered us her other house up on the mountain. As I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t do too deep of a look when I visited before we moved in. Moving day arrived, and as I started to unpack all of our things is when I first noticed it: the mold. It was in more than one area, too. The weather had been getting pretty warm with a heatwave, so I needed to access the air conditioning system. When I turned on the thermostat, there were no concerns initially. The house seemed to get fairly cool pretty fast. The air didn’t have a odor to it out of all of the air vents, so I didn’t notice a problem. When my child started to get genuinely sick, I thought she just had the flu. But, then I started to notice that she was having more symptoms whenever I turned on the air conditioning system. Now, I was worried. I called the building owner and asked when there was an inspection last. You see, my child is genuinely allergic to mold. I was starting to recognize that the ductwork could be exuding mold when the air conditioning system was on. I was lucky the owner seemed genuinely receptive to our problem especially since it involved my children. She called out the HVAC professional right away. He, in fact, found the mold and did a deep clean of the entire system.

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HVAC change per climate

Sadly, l ended up learning my lesson the hard way last week. Honestly, we have been having absolutely strange weather recently. I mean, I can’t even begin to explain it. Yesterday, for example, my daughter and I were literally playing in the river as it was 79 degrees out. Both of us were certain that spring had actually sprung! My daughter was in heaven. However, today it is snowing. Seriously, it is snowing really hard! Tell me, what is that all about? As a result, my poor HVAC component just sounds super tired every time I have to turn it on. I actually believe I heard it sigh at me today. But, really, can you blame it? It was just yesterday that I was accessing the air conditioning, while today I have the heating component running full blast to combat the arctic temperatures. I am usually very on top of upkeep when it comes to my household appliances. I get proper service checks for it all, from the HVAC to the washing machine. Thus, I am not exactly sure how I could have missed some drastic repairs that needed to be performed on the HVAC unit. I felt like they just came out of nowhere at me. Seriously, one day the HVAC component was working just fine and then the next day, I was calling out an HVAC specialist to come help save the day as our beach house turned into a popsicle. He asked me several questions, and I did my level best to answer him accurately. He ended up spending just over an hour doing a thorough check of the entire heating and cooling unit. Then he came back to tell me that I definitely needed at least three different repairs! I couldn’t believe it at first! I asked him how this might have happened. He let me know that it is understandable right now given the crazy weather condition changes. He told me, too, that a lot of people are realizing how often they are taxing their systems.

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Loved our a/c unit

My racquetball team goes to a tournament, each year! There are usually 34 teams invited to the conference: double elimination over an entire weekend with many games each day. This year, the event was being held near 1 of the top schools… It was a 7 hour drive from our school, so we took a chartered bus. The drive was entirely long, but the ride was comfortable as well and the bus had free WIFI. The chartered bus had a few amenities that were nice. Around 10 in the evening, we were 50 miles away from our endpoint. The bus started smoking smoking and running bad and we were forced to stop. We over to the nearest bus depot, to have the bus checked. By the time we got back on a working bus, it was close to midnight. The working bus wasn’t nearly as nice as the old bus, but we had to get there somehow. This bus didn’t have any air conditioner or WIFI access. Thankfully, we did not need the air conditioner. It was so late that the weather had become cool. It took another many hours, before we arrived to the conference, however our hotel had our rooms ready, as well as we tried to sleep. We all set the air conditioner to 72 degrees, and climbed under the covers, and when the alarm went off a few hours later, I was ready to compete!

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Home cooling vs the mall

My partner likes to shop online. She spends most of her free time searching for the best online deals. I must admit, it’s been pretty nice to get some of these deals… Last year we made the choice to go on a camping trip by the lake. My partner found us some heavy duty hammocks for less than 11 dollars each. It was a buy of the afternoon on 1 of her online shopping sites, but we still have those hammocks. they are wonderful quality. When the garage air conditioner stopped working, we went to the hardware store to search for a modern air conditioner, however the prices were super high, however both of us ended up finding exactly what we needed and wanted. My partner was sure that she could find the exact same model online, for a loss less money. I agreed to let her search, so both of us could save money. She found a liquidation site, that she had not previously used, all of the online reviews were good, so we ordered the air conditioner. A few mornings later, FedEx delivered our air conditioner. We spent most of the morning trying to fit the air conditioner into the garage space. It worked nicely. Two mornings later, FedEx delivered another air conditioner from the same business. We tried to deny the delivery, however they refused to take it back. My partner called the supplier, who couldn’t find the record of our first delivery. They told us to keep both air the conditioners, because the shipping cost was so high.  

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