Want climate control in the office

I need to speak with our boss about the temperature control in the office. I am almost always cold, and I’m already wearing as many clothes inside the office that I can wear without looking odd. I also have an A/C vent right above me sending cold, conditioned air down on top of me all day. I swear, it feels as if our hands and fingers are going numb on me from the dire air conditioner.  I’ve already tried wearing gloves, but it is taxing to type, so I’ve switched over to the type of gloves without fingertips and that does help with the fingers, but not with the dire air conditioner. So I’ll speak with our director tomorrow and arrange for a unusual cubicle to work out of, one without any air conditioner vent overhead. I assume that most of the time an office can be made out to be warmer, but someone in charge has decided not to do that for any number of reasons. Whether it is to reduce heating and cooling costs or whether the temperature control key holder is simply trying to please everyone. We may never know. I have seen studies which show that a temperature control around the 80s reduces employee error, and increases output, simply because the employee was not cold due to the temperature control of the room.  If the people here could get a consensus amongst office workers of their heating and cooling desires, I’m sure that the people here could find a decent medium in regards to the use or should I say the overuse of the air conditioner equipment.

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Getting the home air tight

Each and every year the people I was with and I speak about adding insulation to the attic to help with the high heat, but the people I was with and I don’t ever get it done. I’m sure we will see the savings in our electric bill if we chose to, so we all decided to speak to a professional.  She reminded us that it is simple to forget how critical the attic is in regards to the heating and cooling of our home. I feel as if our conditioned air, whether overheated or cool is escaping out of our attic, instead of staying in our house and keeping us comfortable, so we had more insulation added to the attic to help.  It is our understanding that our heating and cooling system will be able to run far fewer hours, helping to extend the life of our Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C system. When it comes right down to it, insulating the attic in a better way could be one of the most important house upgrades needed to help provide our air conditioner and furnace with some necessary help.  Older homes are usually under-insulated, so by stopping the heat from sneaking out of the attic, I will be substantially helping to lower our energy bills and will be increasing the life of our Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C unit because it won’t have to work nearly as hard to cool or heat our house. Every month, when I would go up to the attic to change the filter, I would notice that our modern insulation is below the attic floor joists, so I knew that our A/C was toiling away harder to heat and cool us, but now our Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C system won’t have to anymore.

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Cake show a/c

My Mom was recently in one of those cake war shows where she competed against six other teams of contestants to decide who was the absolutely best cake decorator. My mom has been a cake decorator for years and so she finally decided to go and compete, since she wanted to win the $10,000 that the show gives out to the victor of the contest. She’s excellent at decorating cakes, so I was pretty confident that she could win the competition. She was confident too, especially when the competition first started. She made it through the first two rounds without a hitch, however, when the third round started, the HVAC system in the studio / home office made a tremendous banging noise, followed by a wheezing sound and some smoke. My Dad said that smoke definitely started pouring out of some of the air vents in the studio. Once the building was assessed by the fire inspectors, they declared that the emergency wasn’t one that had to do with an electrical issue or a fire, however the fire inspectors announced that this was strictly an HVAC emergency. The furnace in the studio had completely conked out, but worse than that, the a/c system was totalled right along with it. My Dad said that within minutes, the temperature in the studio had risen at least twenty degrees. She said that it was because of all of the ovens that were running to bake the cakes for the cake competition. The producers of the show were horrified to see all of the cakes melting, not to mention the hot bakers. They ended up bringing in multiple portable a/c units to try and lower the temperature in the studio. They also called in a local HVAC company to come in on an emergency a/c maintenance call, because of course, the show had to go on!

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Good HVAC tune up

When my teenager and I were having some financial concerns, my wealthy sibling told us that we could stay at her house until we could get back on our feet. It was an unquestionably nice gesture on her part and we took her up on it. We actually didn’t have much of a choice, since the house we’d been living in was going to be going into foreclosure! When we drove to her mountain home, we were in total shock. We’d never been there before, and it certainly was not a little mountain cabin. It was more like a mountain estate. It was gigantic and absolutely charming. We were in awe at all of the woodwork and the marble flooring, the amazing cabinets and the modern look in the bathrooms. The most amazing thing, though, was the perfect heating and a/c. I don’t know how the HVAC installers did it! I didn’t even think that this type of technology existed – but at my sister’s mountain home, the heating and a/c units can sense which rooms are in use and which ones are not. If you’re in a room in and feeling a bit stuffy, you can say, “It’s too hot in here.” and the a/c will kick on. If you’re in bed and it’s too cold, you can say, “It’s a little cold,” and the heating component will come on until the temperature raises a few degrees. I am not kidding! It was the craziest thing I have ever seen in and my kid just couldn’t get enough of it; He said it made him feel like Darth Vader, since he could say something out loud and it just magically happens!

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This is out of control

I don’t think like a real adult, and I have a lot of inner thoughts in addition to impulses that are more in line with an adolescent.  I wonder when I’m going to fully transition into boring adulthood. I think I’m taking a large step these days. Recently, I have been deeply considering the benefits of home repairs for tax breaks.  God, it hurts to even speak that boring, old adult sentence. In the last four years I became a first time homeowner and I’m still learning the ins and outs of being a responsible homeowner. One of the things that has recently come to light is the potential to update my home heating and air conditioning component with a tax credit from the government.   Apparently, there are programs that support the purchase of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home heating and cooling systems. In an effort to decrease overall energy expenditure, the government supports the replacement of furnaces and air conditioners. All you have to do is purchase one of the most highly energy star rated temperature control plan components on the market, and cost can be deducted from your annual taxes! Best of all, you continue to save money because of the decreased energy requirements for each piece of home temperature control equipment. In only a few short years, the HVAC system will pay for itself with reduced energy bills each month. As much as I do not like thinking about all of these home appliance replacements, I absolutely like the thought of all that extra money. At least I can save money like an adult, and spend it like a teenager.

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The nursing home’s heating equipment

My best buddy had suffered a sizable stroke and would be spending the rest of her life in a nursing home unfortunately.  She had come to grips with this critical change in her life but it was always somewhat difficult. The first Winter that she was in the nursing home, she was always mad about the heat.  She had a private room with radiators in front of the windows. During the summer season these radiators made great places to put plants but in the Winter they were much too tepid and heated up the room to an uncomfortable temperature every day.  Many of the residents at the nursing home were always entirely frigid and that explains why it was always kept so sizzling in all the rooms. My buddy was not always frigid like they were and wanted it to be at least a little bit cooler in her room so that she could snuggle under a down comforter during the Winter.  We had a talk with the management at the nursing home but there was not very much they could do as each room did not have a temperature control so the whole arena had to be a single temperature. My buddy was always rather resourceful and she was in this case as well. She convinced one of the certified nursing aides to open up both of her windows just an inch.  This would allow for her room to remain cool so she could sleep under her blankets and the room would not be excruciatingly hot. She also found that if they placed a Coffee can full of water on the radiator it would put just enough humidity into the air to make it quite a bit more comfortable. Being confined to a nursing beach house was not a lovely experience but my buddy has made the best of it and continues to live fairly comfortably.

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The death of the a/c system

After living my whole life in the Northeast, I was provided with the ultimate dream task in the South.  I was quick to say yes to this amazing offer before even thinking about how my life would be easily different.  I might never shovel snow again or I possibly might roast in the sun just like a BBQ pig. Regardless, it would be an adventure so I packed up my stuff and moved down to the South.  I was able to acquire a small apartment merely 10 minutes from my brand new office. It didn’t take very long to settle in and soon I was honestly enjoying the warm weather entirely, driving with the windows down and it was only the month of January.  This was perfect! And everything was really nice until I reached the Summer weeks. The heat was brutally oppressive, and it was heavy and thick and very challenging to breathe in because it was so humid. I had worked late a single night only to arrive back to my overheated residence.  My air conditioning had failed and my residence was a great deal warmer inside than out. I attempted to call a local Heating and Air Conditioning company but is was after hours. I did leave a message with their answering service who informed me that they would call me back in the day. It was the most extensive, hottest, sweatiest night of my life.  I had a small box fan but it only worked to move the humid air around. I even tried taking a freezing bath to cool down a little bit. That worked but not for nearly long enough. The air conditioning repair company called me back early the next day and promised to send a repair person out immediately. In a short amount of time the repairman arrived and the air conditioning was back to working great in no time.  I hoped to never have to face another sizzling night again.

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School HVAC is a mess

I task in a school building as an in-building backup teacher.  I am basically working here as a full time employee. The school building is rather gigantic plus goes across numerous floors.  The first floor has Kindergarten classes. The second floor has first through fourth grades, plus the third floor has middle school classes.  I am virtually always running around from class to class, filling in where I happen to be needed. As you can probably imagine, I sweat a lot by doing this.  It doesn’t usually bother me all that much, unless I happen to be on the third floor with the middle school kids. The first floor has a/c which is great, so I never feel sizzling there, however the second plus third floors do not have this luxury.  The second floor stays at a fairly comfy temperature, due to the large windows in every classroom. It’s never so bad for me when I am working on this floor. The third floor, however, is like a giant sauna in the warm season months. I get slammed by a heat wave every time I walk onto this floor.  I am not sure if it is because middle schoolers are just taller, so they make small classrooms feel a bit tighter plus hotter, or if it is just because heat rises. It is most likely a combination of both factors. I easily break into immediate sweats when I am on the third floor. I count the minutes until I can run to the first floor for some wonderful cooling relief.  Thankfully, the principal made a recent announcement that they are hosting a fundraiser to raise money for a/c in the entire building. I really hope this fundraiser is successful plus all of us can finally breathe up on the third floor!

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Heat flashes and cooling control

My mom & dad are in their fifties now & are going through some serious life changes.  My dad is going through a major midlife crisis. He is buying all sorts of new gadgets to make himself feel a great deal more youthful.  The most recent purchase was a new convertible with superb luxuries such as the amazing climate control and heated seats. He thinks he looks cool in this new car, despite the fact that I know he looks dumb.  My mom, on the other hand, is going through more critical life changes. She is experiencing sizzling flashes, dizzy spells, & periods of awful nausea. She went to the medical professional recently, but they had nothing to remedy this unluckily.  She has to push through it because this will last for a very long while! Whenever I visit home, I try to make her feel a tad bit better to ease the discomfort, and my attempts usually involve chocolates & treats. The only thing that helps is having the air conditioner machine completely blasting at a brutal temperature, even in the Winter weeks.  This allows the sizzling flashes to be less intense. The downside is that it creates an uncomfortable environment for everyone else. Everytime I go to their residence for a visit, I prepare myself by wearing very warm clothes, even in the Summer weeks. I try to be empathetic always, but it becomes difficult to remember her discomfort when I am experiencing discomfort as well.  My dad tries to reason with her & tells her to turn a fan on instead of cranking the A/C all of the time. He feels like she is just wasting electricity & runs up the energy bills too high. I try my best to stay out of it because I know that eventually, I will be feeling the same discomfort.


The heater’s missing piece

My mother called my hubby over to her apartment the other day because she located a puddle of water that she couldn’t explain.  She had apparently been cleaning the puddle of water up plus it would just keep reappearing. So she called my hubby around that time.  My mother seems to think that every guy needs to understand everything about every possible repair there is. My hubby is not much of a handyman.  He works on computers for a living plus he writes programs for cell phones. He can repair little things around the apartment but definitely not everything, as it is just not his forte.  Give my hubby a computer plus he can easily rip that thing apart plus rebuild it in minutes. When the two of us got to her apartment, he told her that he thought the source of the mysterious water was coming from her wall mounted expansion tank.  After he told her what he believed it to be, she left the room without saying a word, plus then returned shortly with her huge toolbox demanding that he repair the issue. When he told her he wasn’t at all comfortable with attempting to repair the tank because he didn’t fully understand what was wrong plus he didn’t even know how to repair Heating plus A/C machines, she again left the room furiously plus returned later to tell us that she called a Heating plus A/C contractor to come out to the apartment to supply an inspection to her machine plus to repair it.  She demanded that the two of us stay so my hubby could learn a thing or two about how to repair a Heating plus A/C machine. After the Heating plus A/C contractor had repaired the leaky pressure relief valve he handed my mother the bill. She simply turned to my hubby and handed him the bill. When he looked at her with complete confusion, she simply said to him that since he refused to repair the valve the two of us would definitely have to pay for it.