Girlfriend demands a/c

I joke that my bestfriend, Carol, is going through menopause. She is in her late twenties and is the warmest girl I know. Since Carol and I moved in together, I have not started up  the heating system even once. Carol can’t handle heating. She instantly starts to sweat plus whines about it. Most of the time, Carol and I rely totally on the AC. In the fall, she  and I operate the cooling device exclusively. In Wintertime, Carol and I just don’t bother with any type of Heating or Air Conditioning. Then once Spring arrives, the cooling unit remains operational until Wintertime. I spend most of my time feeling a bit too cold or dressed in layers to keep warm. I can actually feel the heat rising off Carol in waves. She is hotter than a heater. It is an amazing thing. Because our Carol is like a 50 year old woman experiencing menopause, I make sure the A/C is running like new. Since the cooling system is operating just about all year, it needs to be well taken of. Every month, I clean out the air filters. I also clean out any sort of grime, dust or mold from the cooling coil. I check the condensate drain for a blockage,and  fan and motor belt for wear and tear. I don’t want the A/C to quit working on a hot summer day. I would hear major complaints from Carol, and we’ld be stuck paying for overpriced A/C service. So I am diligent about upkeep for the air conditioner. I take care of preventative cooling service for the sake of comfort and budget. I spend the extra time so that the A/C costs less to operate and performs reliably.

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