Our home’s HVAC install

I have recently started delivering groceries to make a little extra cash, my side hustle is going very well, and I am quite gleeful about the things I will be able to do with the cash. Soon, I am planning on taking a trip to see my parents, plus a trip to go see an old friend from high school, all with the cash I am making delivering groceries. Delivering groceries is  quite the easy task, and what I love most about it is getting to see other people’s homes. Just recently, I was delivering to a very large, extravagant beach house situated right along the ocean The beach house had a beautiful view of the water, but when I complimented the owner of the home, she threw up her hands in despair! She told me that she hated that old beach house because it was historic! I did not understand, so she explained. The beach house never had central a/c or heating installed because it was built before a/c and heating were used in homes! Now, because the beach house is so old, it is protected by a historic society. The historic society has to approve all changes, including heating and A/C renovations, made to the home. They will only approve certain types of central heating and a/c. Unfortunately, all of those types of HVAC systems are either unavailable in our part of the state, or too high-priced for the owner to install! For the past twenty years, she has had to live without central a/c or heating in her home; Also, not a single customer will buy the beach house because it does not have central heating or a/c. Now, I understand why she hated her home.

HVAC renovations