Velocity a/c is all I could get

My house is over a hundred years old. The upstairs was separated into one rental unit, while the first floor was another. We have two outside entrances, two stairways and the hookups for two kitchens. It is a weird setup.   The layout makes arranging any new furniture, appliances or decorations difficult. What was super difficult was figuring out a new cooling system. The house initially had one A/C upstairs and another downstairs. Connecting the two A/C units was completely  impossible. What also was not feasible was installing central A/C. The Heating and Air Conditioning business told me that air ducts weren’t an option in my home. The reason is that the walls are narrow and made of plaster. Installing air ducts would ruin the house. Everything would crumble and create a mess. We ended up getting high velocity AC, which also uses air ducts, but they  are half the size and bendy. The air ducts are carefully fitted into the walls, without causing disruption. The A/C component is compact but twice as powerful as a conventional unit. When we turn on the AC, there is a huge influx of super cold air. In less than half an hour, our large home is icy cold. It genuinely is impressive to feel the difference. The A/C component was rather expensive, but ideal  for our outdated house. It was the only A/C that could handle the needs of such an old home. It had been a great fit for us and handle sour summer comfort.

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