Cooling off the Wo-man cave

What is the equivalent of a man cave for a woman? I have a space of my own, and it’s definitely not a sewing room, but calling it a woman cave just doesn’t sound right to me, and I don’t care for it. I also don’t like calling it a den or a study. The internet has been no help to me at all, providing only sexist jokes for why I need a cave to begin with. I can only say that if a man needs a man cave, a woman needs her own space too. I like working out, I like to watch movies, and I like to have good climate control. So my room combines all three of these things, a top of the line home theater, a selection of workout equipment, and a ductless mini-split AC unit to keep the temperature just right. The cooling is essential when I get my pump on, either on the stationary bike, the rowing machine, or the free weights, but I also need top quality indoor air quality. The air quality is important for my cardiovascular health, but also for the health of my home theater equipment. I can’t have a bunch of excess moisture in the air, and the air filters in the AC unit help me to breathe easily. My husband likes to hang out with me in here while I work out sometimes, he says he likes to watch me work up a sweat, but I think he just knows I have the best AC in the house.

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