Did my Uncle steal all those air conditioners?

Uncle Gomie worked the same job for twenty two years, and according to him he never missed a day. I can’t vouch for that, because Uncle Gomie is prone to saying things that can’t possibly be true. He once told me that he and Tom Cruise used to go fishing together, and I seriously doubt my tubby middle aged uncle went out on a lake with a Hollywood movie star. But he really did work at this place for a long time, and they just called him into the office one friday afternoon and unceremoniously fired him. They claimed that he had been stealing HVAC supplies and equipment over the last few years. He denied this, of course, saying that in 22 years in the HVAC warehouse he had always been a good worker. Nonetheless, the owners of the HVAC company terminated his employment and gave him an escort out of the building. That weekend I went over to Uncle Gomie’s house to see how he was doing, and I found him in the garage moving a stack of portable air conditioners still in their boxes. He had another giant stack of space heaters, also still in their packaging. Aghast, I asked Uncle Gomie if it was true, and he really had been stealing HVAC equipment from his bosses all along. He laughed and said of course it was true, and then he asked me if I had any friends that would be interested in buying a space heater or an air conditioner. I guess the HVAC company bosses were right after all.

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