Friend provided me with great tips

Something that really helped me a lot was speaking to my friend a while ago about HVAC maintenance tips. He pretty much taught me how to clean out my outdoor condenser unit and stay on top of my air filter replacements with high quality air filters. He also recommended that I get a whole-house air purification system which would improve my air quality enormously. So I started to clean out my outdoor condenser unit every spring. This ensured that my A/C was performing excellent by removing all that dirt and debris from the unit. I was surprised at how clogged it gets. With the air filters, I always change them now every 3 months to ensure maximum airflow through my HVAC system. I use HEPA air filters as my friend recommended. I purchased a nice air purification system through my local HVAC company. They installed it for me for a reasonable price. That air purification system works wonderful! I couldn’t believe how much it improved the air quality inside of my household. I used to have a bit of a cough and would sneeze often. Now I hardly ever cough or sneeze ever since I started using HEPA air filters and had that whole-house air purification system installed. It’s really great. I’m so thankful to my friend for providing me with these little DIY tips. I still call for HVAC maintenance once per year though. Fortunately, I have never experienced any serious problems with my HVAC system as of yet. My friend said it would be smart to enroll myself in an HVAC maintenance plan, but I’m holding off on that until I feel that I really need it.

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