Not taking any chances

If you want to have a total disaster on your hands, a good way to go about that is neglecting your HVAC system. I know this because I learned this lesson the hard way. I was young and naive. I didn’t know anything about HVAC systems or HVAC system maintenance and how important it is. I just ran my heating and cooling system and never did anything else. I didn’t even change the air filter. I honestly didn’t know there was an air filter, but I definitely learned. When my HVAC system died on me one hot summer day, I was dying! I tried to call an HVAC company for help, but I found that they were all booked up. There wasn’t a single HVAC company in my area that wasn’t booked for at least a week. So I basically had to get stationary fans and set them up around the house. I really suffered that week. I went to the pool as often as possible, and I would go out a lot to the movies and restaurants. I really hated being inside of my house during that long and brutally hot week. When I finally had the HVAC technician over, he was really frustrated with my total lack of HVAC maintenance. He said I really did a number to the system, and he had to school me on air filter changes and calling for regular HVAC maintenance. He recommended that I sign up with an HVAC system maintenance plan, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into that just yet. It seemed smart to have your HVAC system maintenance covered for a flat yearly rate, but I still wasn’t sure at the time. Ever since that time, I’ve always made sure to change my air filters every month and call for HVAC maintenance once per year. I am not taking any chances.

HVAC worker