Too reliant on HVAC

My roommate is a massive conspiracy theorist. He truly thinks that the government is out to get us. And while I don’t think that our government is perfect by any standards, I don’t believe that they’re each and every move is to put us at risk to take advantage of us. One of my roommate’s theories that makes me the muse the most is his idea that heating and air conditioning is just a way for us to get to comfortable, and we can be unable to adapt to a world without such amenities.  His theory states that we will become simply too reliant upon heating and air conditioning, and when they take it away from us, we will be unable to adapt. Then when they are able to offer us our precious heating and AC, will come crawling back to them, willing to meet their demands and consequences. I kind of chuckled to this one upon hearing it. But I never want him to know that I think he’s crazy even though I do. He’s actually a really nice guy, and I definitely don’t wish to upset him. I usually play along with his outlandish claims and let him give his spiel. However, I’ll always find a reason that I can’t stay for him to ramble on too long. He tends to go on monologues, especially with his recent heating and air conditioning theory. I really wonder what he’s going to come up with next. At least he gives a little bit of amusement to my otherwise mundane and boring day to day life.

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