Utilize air conditioning

I understand that some people prefer not to be in the hotter climates.  I mean, we’re all different, and we all have our own unique preferences. But honestly, how can someone stay in environments that are constantly freezing and require you to wear layer upon layer to even stay comfortable outside. That’s why I moved out of my hometown early on. Well, that and my crazy ex-wife who seems to constantly appear wherever I’m at. It’s like she is stalking me or something. When I ask my old friends how they manage to stay in that cold climate, they always just say that they love to stay in their comfortable heating systems inside their work and home environments. But I love being able to go outside and enjoy nature as well as water. And I can’t do that when I have to wear giant winter coats and deal with the snow for six months of the year. I understand that heating systems can make the cold climate a little bit more bearable, but I’d rather be able to get out each and every day and deal with the hot weather any day of the week. Granted, I need to utilize the air conditioning in my home a lot more than I ever have, but it is definitely worth it. On top of the beautiful views, it seems like the nicer weather actually promotes a friendlier environment. Most people around here seems to be a lot nicer and more friendly than my hometown’s residents. Maybe I just have a biased mind however.

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