cleaning the air ducts

When I was younger, I hated cleaning more than I hated brussel sprouts.  But my stepmom would always insist that we help her do chores around the house, since we lived there too.  The worst part of this was that it easily included doing some horrible deeper scrubbing around our house at least once a month because we lived in a damp location.  I would always have to vacuum, which I didn’t mind too much. Then helping her clean up the dining room was not bad. But when it came to having to clean our room and the dreaded bathroom I was bummed.Then a myriad of other tasks that were pretty horrible at the time like the sewer for the animals.  The a single thing I hated the most though was dusting, if you can believe that. It was just one of those chores that never had an end in our house that was always dusty. I couldn’t even point out where I didn’t understand where it was all coming from. Fast forward to our life now as adults, I guess I see it again as it is all about our cleaning deals with keeping dust off of everything we own.  At least once a month I am dusting off everything with chemicals. So, I gave a call to our local Heating and Air Conditioning business to have someone come out for a deep major air duct cleaning plus to check all the other air filters to see if anything was out of the ordinary as it should be. When the Heating and Air Conditioning worker arrived plus right away opened up the air ducts, he knew what the issue was, pet hair.  It was obvious that the previous owners had never had their air ducts cleaned out since there was an ungodly amount of dust build up inside and all around the air vents. Now I see how this would explain why our air filters were always clogging up so fast and often! So, after a few hours of power vacuuming out the air ducts plus other filters, he assured me that I would only have to change our air filters once a month now if even that much.  I was grateful to hear that because I had spending a fortune on air filters for the past year!

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