Sick and using more heating

Flu season has been taking the country by storm this season.  It seems as if about everyone I talk to from work to school has had it once, plus some people have even had it twice! I’ve tried our best to have my family stay away from sites that are likely to carry a ton of germs to take in. However, it’s really impossible to avoid when you still have to go to the grocery store once a week with a big family or the gym every other day.  I was taking all the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick and keep my family healthy. But, just more than one weeks ago it really hit me hard. I was stuck up in bed for a month straight, if you can imagine! My hubby even had to take off from his work to take care of me for a few afternoons when it was pretty bad. I woke up a one of the days and felt so hot, however was also chilly at the same time.  My hubby turned our thermostat to heat, then when he switched it way up, piled the blankets on top of me. He even found some small oil furnaces that he was able to use the outlets in our room. I felt hot, although I needed to sweat out whatever was inside of my system. I went through multiple phases of the nonsense, hot and chilly that we really gave our Heating and Air Conditioning unit a run for its job that month! I was increasing from heat to air conditioner every couple of hours it seemed to find peace.  Luckily, we had just had our Heating and Air Conditioning unit worked on for our regular HVAC check up, so we knew it was in perfect finally working order to give it a workout. Once I was feeling better, my hubby was running around the house like a madman sanitizing all of the knows, windows, and such. But, especially the thermostat, since that is the a single thing I was touching the most over the past week!

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