Spring time cooling

It is now the week of May where I start searching high and low for a sign of the magical season of Springtime. It is a wonderful time of year for most, especially here in the south where I live and everything just breathes in differently. All around, the azaleas are starting to bloom as well as the squirrels are getting feisty looking for food. But, the best thing about this time of year in my opinion has to be the fact that I do not need to use the A/C or the heating system for a little while for it isn’t quite that hot just yet. In the south, the utility bills are high throughout the summer season because the A/C is an absolute necessity when those humid temperatures hit the air. There is no fighting a hurricaine seasonal weather front. So then the people I was with and I consider what is coming once the calendar rolls around to the summer season and we brace ourselves for the worst, the highs and the non-stop AC.  I begin to think about the importance of our A/Cs right around the beginning of Spring knowing it’s coming. It is entirely Springtime right now, while in the afternoon at the office staff has already gotten over zealous with running our A/C. When I get back to my house at evening hour, I don’t find that need which they had at work to run the A/C all that frequently. This is the time of year when I don’t spend as much on utilities as I do at other times of the year and my allergies are at an all time low as well. Also, it is time to call up the HVAC supplier as well as schedule a service call just to make sure that the heating as well as cooling system is operating well and I can do that with no stress. We want our A/C to be efficient, as well as a lot of homeowners in my neck of the woods will purchase HVAC tune-up service plans to offset the rush of vacationers coming down to the beach. With those plans, homeowners are given priority if some HVAC component fails as well as needs to be replaced quickly. Also, the people I was with and I get either one or multiple complementary HVAC tune-ups throughout the year which I just love. Springtime is when I use mine because the A/C is on my mind.

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