Air conditioning has a ton of mold in it

Renting can certainly be awful occasionally. For example, two weeks ago I had to move for what was like the 20th time. Being a single mom, you have to roll with the punches. The beach house we were renting was being turned back into an Airbnb, so she offered us her other house up on the mountain. As I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t do too deep of a look when I visited before we moved in. Moving day arrived, and as I started to unpack all of our things is when I first noticed it: the mold. It was in more than one area, too. The weather had been getting pretty warm with a heatwave, so I needed to access the air conditioning system. When I turned on the thermostat, there were no concerns initially. The house seemed to get fairly cool pretty fast. The air didn’t have a odor to it out of all of the air vents, so I didn’t notice a problem. When my child started to get genuinely sick, I thought she just had the flu. But, then I started to notice that she was having more symptoms whenever I turned on the air conditioning system. Now, I was worried. I called the building owner and asked when there was an inspection last. You see, my child is genuinely allergic to mold. I was starting to recognize that the ductwork could be exuding mold when the air conditioning system was on. I was lucky the owner seemed genuinely receptive to our problem especially since it involved my children. She called out the HVAC professional right away. He, in fact, found the mold and did a deep clean of the entire system.

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