Home cooling vs the mall

My partner likes to shop online. She spends most of her free time searching for the best online deals. I must admit, it’s been pretty nice to get some of these deals… Last year we made the choice to go on a camping trip by the lake. My partner found us some heavy duty hammocks for less than 11 dollars each. It was a buy of the afternoon on 1 of her online shopping sites, but we still have those hammocks. they are wonderful quality. When the garage air conditioner stopped working, we went to the hardware store to search for a modern air conditioner, however the prices were super high, however both of us ended up finding exactly what we needed and wanted. My partner was sure that she could find the exact same model online, for a loss less money. I agreed to let her search, so both of us could save money. She found a liquidation site, that she had not previously used, all of the online reviews were good, so we ordered the air conditioner. A few mornings later, FedEx delivered our air conditioner. We spent most of the morning trying to fit the air conditioner into the garage space. It worked nicely. Two mornings later, FedEx delivered another air conditioner from the same business. We tried to deny the delivery, however they refused to take it back. My partner called the supplier, who couldn’t find the record of our first delivery. They told us to keep both air the conditioners, because the shipping cost was so high.  

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