HVAC change per climate

Sadly, l ended up learning my lesson the hard way last week. Honestly, we have been having absolutely strange weather recently. I mean, I can’t even begin to explain it. Yesterday, for example, my daughter and I were literally playing in the river as it was 79 degrees out. Both of us were certain that spring had actually sprung! My daughter was in heaven. However, today it is snowing. Seriously, it is snowing really hard! Tell me, what is that all about? As a result, my poor HVAC component just sounds super tired every time I have to turn it on. I actually believe I heard it sigh at me today. But, really, can you blame it? It was just yesterday that I was accessing the air conditioning, while today I have the heating component running full blast to combat the arctic temperatures. I am usually very on top of upkeep when it comes to my household appliances. I get proper service checks for it all, from the HVAC to the washing machine. Thus, I am not exactly sure how I could have missed some drastic repairs that needed to be performed on the HVAC unit. I felt like they just came out of nowhere at me. Seriously, one day the HVAC component was working just fine and then the next day, I was calling out an HVAC specialist to come help save the day as our beach house turned into a popsicle. He asked me several questions, and I did my level best to answer him accurately. He ended up spending just over an hour doing a thorough check of the entire heating and cooling unit. Then he came back to tell me that I definitely needed at least three different repairs! I couldn’t believe it at first! I asked him how this might have happened. He let me know that it is understandable right now given the crazy weather condition changes. He told me, too, that a lot of people are realizing how often they are taxing their systems.

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