IAQ in the south

Living down south, I am unapologetically dependant on my cooling system.  I operate the a/c for around eight months out of the year usually. With tropical outside temperatures always in the upper eighties as well as nineties, the cooling system carries a monumental heavy workload.  In my area, my family also deal with humidity constantly. Even the with a/c running at max capacity, I often have condensation forming on the windows of my home. I often scrub with bleach, because mold, mildew, pathogens and dust mites thrive in hot and moist environments.  While the a/c is designed to keep a pleasing, cool temperature, it cannot handle the high levels of humidity continually. I found myself needing to turn down the thermostat during the day which of course places greater strain on the a/c. This resulted in overcooling of the house, really high electric bills, on top of all this I was still dealing with that sticky feeling.  When I consulted with a local HVAC supplier, he was adamant that I invest in a whole-house dehumidifier to resolve my problem. He described the purpose of dehumidifiers, explaining that they incorporate directly into the existing cooling system to remove dampness from the indoor air. The dehumidifier makes conditions better throughout the home. It maintains optimum relative humidity, which makes the air feel cooler. This means that I can raise the thermostat  setting a bit. The decreased workload for the a/c translates into energy savings, costs savings, as well as greater longevity for the system overall. Now, my house stays cleaner, more comfortable, as well as is really healthier for my family. Bacterial growth no longer is a worry, which means the air stays fresh. It eliminates the possibility of moisture damage to my imported wood furnishings, vintage books, paintings, as well as more. Since the dehumidifier operates silently with the cooling system and requires hardly any upkeep, I barely even notice it running.  

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