Loved our a/c unit

My racquetball team goes to a tournament, each year! There are usually 34 teams invited to the conference: double elimination over an entire weekend with many games each day. This year, the event was being held near 1 of the top schools… It was a 7 hour drive from our school, so we took a chartered bus. The drive was entirely long, but the ride was comfortable as well and the bus had free WIFI. The chartered bus had a few amenities that were nice. Around 10 in the evening, we were 50 miles away from our endpoint. The bus started smoking smoking and running bad and we were forced to stop. We over to the nearest bus depot, to have the bus checked. By the time we got back on a working bus, it was close to midnight. The working bus wasn’t nearly as nice as the old bus, but we had to get there somehow. This bus didn’t have any air conditioner or WIFI access. Thankfully, we did not need the air conditioner. It was so late that the weather had become cool. It took another many hours, before we arrived to the conference, however our hotel had our rooms ready, as well as we tried to sleep. We all set the air conditioner to 72 degrees, and climbed under the covers, and when the alarm went off a few hours later, I was ready to compete!

HVAC tune up