Our HVAC ducts were totally wrecked

We recently had a large problem with rodents at my house.  We’ve always enjoyed watching little animals run around my yard, climb the trees and sometimes gather up nuts.  We properly set up a feeder for squirrels. However, when we heard them scurrying around inside our walls, we weren’t happy.  We knew they could cause tremendous damage. As much as weI didn’t want to harm the rodents, we were forced to set traps as well as put out poison.  We then dealt with the horrendous odor of decomposing rodents. Fortunately, at least it was in the Springtime when the weather was mild. We were able to open the windows which allowed in some fresh air.  By the time summer arrived, we thought we were all done with the problem. When we started up our a/c, it couldn’t keep up. It seemed to run consistently but never achieve the correct temperature. There simply wasn’t a good amount of cool air coming from the supply vents.  Our home felt overheated and sticky at all times, and our electric bill was unusually high, and we also noticed there was dust blowing around in the house, which made the air smell bad. We sent for a local Heating as well as A/C supplier. The serviceman told us that the rodents had created holes in our duct system, which was allowing the cool air to all escape.  We were paying high energy bills but still had discomfort because of those animals. We paid a huge a/c repair bill as well.