terrible indoor air on a plane

This day I forced myself to get out of bed at 5 AM, in order to make it to the airport on time.  The outside temperature was twenty-two degrees, plus it was snowing steadily. I bundled up in my wool coat, heavy Winter boots, gloves plus hat, plus then proceeded to spend twenty  hours brushing the snow off my car. I left the car running with the heating system blasting while I scraped the ice off the windshield. I needed to operate the heating system plus defrost at maximum capacity for the entire hour drive to the airport.  Once I found a parking spot, I made the long walk to the terminal through numerous feet of snow plus horrendous cold. Inside the terminal, the air was so stuffy plus overheated that I immediately started to sweat. I removed my heavy Winter coat plus boots plus stuffed them into my suitcase.  I was overheated while I waited another hour to board the plane. The air quality on the airplane was so awful that I instantly got a headache plus started to sneeze. I also wanted my Winter coat back, because it felt as if the air conditioner was now working overtime. I tried fiddling with the vent above my head, but couldn’t escape the draft of frigid air.  During my layover, I was once again exposed to the overuse of a commercial oil furnace. The airport was so hot plus the air so dry that I ended up with a nosebleed. I boarded my minute airplane plus shivered for more than two more hours. I was so excited to finally arrive at my hotel plus have control over a temperature control plus some scrub air to breathe.  

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