Living without HVAC in the old days

In this day and age, we are spoiled when it comes to the luxuries we have access to every single day.  For me, I can take a shower any time that I want, I can cook whenever and whatever I want, and I can keep our homes thermostat temperature at what ever temperature I desire at that particular time.  I can’t even imagine not being able to walk on over to the thermostat if I was too hot and turning on the air conditioning, or turning on the heat if it was too cold. Back in the day, they didn’t have any of those options.  All they did was use nature’s natural cooling systems to help them stay as comfortable as possible no matter the temperature. For example, people would build their housing structures in heavily wooded areas in order to keep cool in the summer and shield themselves of the elements in the winter.  Doors and windows would face in the directions the breeze would travel to circulate air throughout the structure. These days, all we have to do is stroll over to our thermostat on the wall or log into the smart thermostat app on our phones and regulate temperature with the click of a button. It’s weird to think about having to live in a time where there was no heating and air conditioning, but I guess if we didn’t know anything else it wouldn’t have been so bad.  Either way, I know I take full advantage of my climate control every single day!

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Inviting the needy inside

I care about the Wintertime and really don’t mind putting up with all the hardships, despite the fact that I can understand why everyone else on earth feel differently.  It’s freezing cold, can be frighteningly windy, & there is the potentiality of seriously injuring yourself by slipping on ice or snow. I guess some of my interest in winter is due to my love for continual indoor comfort. I especially care about our central heating & fireplace, and love to use them as much as possible throughout those colder weeks. See, I recently had my whole heating system entirely updated to the most high tech and energy efficient options on the market! I really want to run the heating plan every moment of every day, but it’s pricey and unreasonable when I’m the only person in the house. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity when I was driving recently happen to see a couple of homeless people hunched over outdoors, who had clearly been residing under the frozen bridge that I was sitting under.  It was truly freezing cold that day outside & it was clear that they did not have enough clothing or supplies to sustain themselves in those kind of outdoor weather conditions. So, I decided to invite them right back to the apartment for the night. When they walked in, I’m pretty certain they could not have been any more cheerful to be welcomed with a sudden burst of heat coming from our fireplace in the same room. They asked if I could turn up the furnace, and oh boy, could I! They absolutely wanted to soak up every ounce of warmth they could, so I put the furnace on its highest setting for the night. I told them that the two of us could make it a regular occurrence if they wanted to come & sleep at my place. At least someone else was enjoying the expensive furnace I purchased!

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Baby, It’s Cold

I just had a baby. Being a new mom is an intense challenge. I read the books, watched the videos, but somehow I still wasn’t quite prepared. Any little thing sets her off. She’s been waking up a lot, and at first I tried all the usual things. None of them worked. Then, I took her to the doctor to make sure she wasn’t sick. That wasn’t the problem. She was fine. So, I was at a complete loss. My mom came over the one day and the little lady was down for a nap. Mom and I were talking in the kitchen when we suddenly hear cries. We go back to see what was wrong, and my mother notices the crib was really close to an HVAC vent. It was winter, and the heating system was running. My mom said the noise might be waking her up. After my mom’s visit, I started to pay attention to when the baby got fussy. Low and behold, the majority of the times she was fussy, the HVAC had just turned on! Obviously there were times where she needed changed or fed, but the inexplicable times, where I was at a loss as to why she was fussing, were caused by the noise from the HVAC unit. I know it won’t last forever, and I’m really looking forward to the summer when the weather warms up and I don’t have to have the heating system running anymore. I never thought a heating system would make my life more difficult… Guess that’s irony for you.

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College Is Hard… And Cold!

I was so excited to start my classes that related to my major. I had gone through four years of classes that were general, and most didn’t apply to what I actually wanted to do. At times it was frustrating, because I had already done many of the classes in high school, and I just wanted to spend my time and money working in my major. I got through it, however, and then began my new classes. The new class that is my absolute favorite, comes with some struggles. The classroom where it is held, seems to always be cold… Even when the weather gets warmer, somehow that classroom is still freezing cold. I don’t feel like I can complain, because I don’t want to be labeled as ‘that guy’ that complains about being cold… But at the same time, I freeze my butt off in there! All I want to do is focus on what’s happening and I can’t because I’m shivering and my feet are going numb. I don’t know who I’d complain to about the HVAC anyway… Probably not the professor because she seems to dislike the temperature in there as much as I do. She probably doesn’t have control over the HVAC. Maybe I could talk to someone from maintenance? If we even have a maintenance crew on campus. I actually have no idea if we do or not. I wish I had a portable little space heater I could bring with me. It sucks because I love the class, I just wish it would take place in a different room with a better heating system.


School only had AC in the auditorium not the gym

I used to play volleyball in high school. The thing that always irritated me was that there was no AC in the gym. The team and I would have to practice in a gym that was well above 80 degrees in the summer. Also, it is not like we are just standing around either. The girls and I would run, dive, and spike balls for over two hours. Being in a location with no cooling system made it difficult. We all had to stay really well hydrated, sit if we got woozy, and also take a lot of breaks. It really made practice difficult not having AC. I would not have been bothered if it was like that in the entire school. The school had the auditorium with air conditioning. All year long there was AC pouring in the auditorium. Why did this area get cooling and not the school gym? My theory is that is where the taxpayers go to the most. If we have an assembly, graduation or a school musical, the auditorium is where the parents go. They then feel the quality air conditioning system and are happy. I was never happy because that meant the theater kids got AC and the athletes did not. I get that being under hot lights without cooling would stink, but not as bad as running. The theater kids were so spoiled. There would be like five of them over the summer getting AC blasted on them, while 20 athletes in the gym were sweating buckets. It was totally unfair.

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Ductless mini split AC for hot flashes was a good move

The best purchase I ever made was a ductless mini split. I am going through menopause and it is horrible. Hot flashes are random and powerful. I can’t ever sleep with a blanket on because of my hot flashes. I used to get up in the middle of the night to take a shower, I sweated so bad. I then invested in a cooling system just for my bedroom. It was the best purchase I ever made. The ductless mini split works wonders. I turn on the AC right before I go to bed so my room is icy cold. I can have a few sheets over me at night, and I don’t sweat through them. What is great is that I got a wireless thermostat with the ductless AC unit. When I feel a hot flash coming on, I use that wireless remote to dictate the temperature. I lower the temperature, the AC unit turns on, and my hot flash happens. I get really warm, but the AC helps me out a bunch. Once the hot flash is over, I use the remote to boost up the temperature. I can also turn the AC completely on or off with my wireless remote. Ductless AC units require very little work. They are just a wall mounted unit and you leave them alone. I don’t have to mess with any sort of cooling maintenance. I am thinking about putting ductless mini splits in more rooms of my house. I know it would be nice to have cooling power while watching a movie in my living room. Also, in the kitchen when I’m making dinner, it would be nice to have AC.

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Let’s fix the furnace

Over the years I have had a history of making some bonehead decisions. I passed on taking a job I really should have taken, while taking a job that I immediately wished I hadn’t. I missed my sister’s birthday party and ended up missing an appearance from a local celebrity. One time I decided to drive cross country without having the car inspected first, and it died on me within two states. So you can tell, me and smart choices don’t always get along. Last week I made another famously stupid blunder after most of my friends had gone home after a party. My heating system had been on the fritz lately, so I had a bonfire party to keep me warm for the evening. But now I was drunk and getting cold, so I said to my buddy “let’s fix the furnace.” He asked me if I had ever fixed a furnace before, and I said I had not. Then he asked me if I knew anything at all about the furnace worked, and I said I did not. Finally, he asked me why I thought I could fix the furnace, and I told him that I had a good feeling about it. Maybe he could have tried a little harder to keep me from grabbing my tools and messing around with the heater, but I can’t blame him. I really wish I could blame him, because now my central heating system is ripped to pieces, and I have to call out an HVAC contractor to get an estimate on a new furnace.

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I Hate Mildew and Mold

We all have our pet peeves. My wife, for example, cannot stand the sound of tires on a gravel road. Weird, right? We used to have a gravel driveway, and she absolutely hated it so eventually we had it paved. There was no real reason for it; she just hated it. I myself have a lot of things that tick me off. I hate when people are late for things and don’t call. I hate canned tomatoes; they taste like aluminum. And I absolutely to the core of my being cannot handle mildew and mold. So I always keep a very neat house and make sure to keep my HVAc system tuned up and with a powerful dehumidifier in place. We have air ducts and a fan to pull damp air out of the kitchen and the bathroom and push it harmlessly outside the house. But recently the ductwork had a problem, and despite the power of the air conditioner, my bathroom still started to grow mildew. Just the look of it makes my skin crawl, not to mention the damage it does to the indoor air quality. I tried to clean out the ductwork myself, without much success. Finally I had to call the HVAC contractor to come take a look, even though I knew that the AC unit was working just fine. They figured out the problem with the ventilation system, but proposed a radical solution for me. Instead of getting new HVAC ductwork installed, he recommended I just put in a window, which would provide natural ventilation.

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Interviews and HVAC

I recently started a new side job as a work at home administrative assistant. I have never worked in this area before, so it took some getting used to. Two weeks after my interview, I began interviewing people for my new manager’s company, It was very strange. I had never interviewed people before. I was so glad I found this job. I need some vital work done on my home’s HVAC system. A couple of weeks ago I started hearing these very strange noises emanating throughout my home’s ductwork. The Ductwork is a system of passageways that are usually found in the ceilings and walls of the home. The Purpose of the ductwork is to provide a way for the air from your HVAC system to circulate through your home. Your home’s HVAC system cannot work without it! When I was younger, we didn’t have a central heating and cooling system. We had those old fashioned window unit air conditioners. We also had old fashioned space heaters and other older heating system devices. The Modern advances in the HVAC system field have always astounded me on many different levels. So, my ductwork was making some very strange noises. I had no viable option left to myself but to call up my local HVAC system repair shop. I needed to find out how much it would cost to fix my obviously broken heating and cooling system. I was rapidly saving up lots of money for the necessary HVAC system repairs.

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Phone Calls and HVAC

I have been doing some part time work for a local telemarketing company. It pays decent, but the work is so boring! I don’t know how long I can actually take it. The hours are pretty good, but the office is hard to get to. I have to take two buses to get there! It takes me almost 2 hours to get to work. I need the job, however. My home’s heating and cooling system has not been working very well lately, and I am in need of some really good HVAC system repair work. I have already gotten a reputable HVAC system repair shop to do an estimate. I called up a local heating and cooling system repair shop, and the owner was happy to offer me a free estimate. He sent over a certified HVAC system repair man, and he inspected my entire HVAC system. I would need around 800 dollars in order to perform the necessary repairs to my HVAC system. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 800 dollars for the necessary heating and cooling system repairs. That is why I had to find this second job. I really need to get my HVAC system fixed very soon. It’s almost summer time, so I will be needing my cooling system. I can’t imagine not having a cooling system during the hot summer months. I have 500 dollars saved up towards my necessary HVAC system repairs. My HVAC system should be fixed within the month.

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