Fish odor and air purifier

Have you ever cooked something in your home and someone asked about it days later.  I was mortified last month when my neighbor asked me if we had fish for dinner the night before.  This was because, it had been almost three days ago. My husband had taken our son fishing and they brought home the catch for dinner. Spring trout were perfect for supper but I usually cooked them outdoors.  Since the outside temperature was cold and rainy, I cooked the fish in the oven, I guess I was not prepared for the strong smells that seemed to linger in the room. The smell of fish circulated throughout the house, and it was seriously potent.  I think, because we were using the furnace, the air was circulated throughout the entire house. It was nearly impossible to sleep that evening because of the strong stink of fish. I tried air fresheners and candles to try an mask the scent but each day, it seemed to linger. I couldn’t even open a window and take advantage of fresh air.  We simply hoped the smell would dissipate. I told my neighbor about the problem and that we had called a local HVAC contractor for assistance. When they came out, they explained that our house was really well sealed, preventing energy waste and drafts, but also trapping contaminants indoors. The smell wasn’t going away, because it was getting re-circulated through the duct system. They said that there were, more than likely dust particles, dander and other pollutants in our air as well.  The HVAC contractor recommended the installation of a new ventilation system. The ventilator introduces fresh outdoor air, improving indoor air conditions and comfort, without allowing the heat to escape. It actually uses the stale outgoing air to preheat the fresh incoming air, which results in superior heat efficiency and lower costs. I explained that the unit had been ordered and would be installed in just a few days.

air purifier

My home down south with a heat pump

After spending the first twenty-five years of my life living in the northern region of the country, I recently moved south to get a better job.  I am now making quite a bit more money, as well as I’m enjoying superior climate. I bought a small home that is equipped with an electric heat pump to manage temperature control.  This is my first time using any type of cooling system. I had never heard of a heat pump where I lived, as well as I was sad that it would not handle the hot as well as humid June temperatures.  I figured that a heat pump would only supply heat, however the name is a tad off. An electric heat pump has a lot in respected with a conventional a/c. Heat pumps use refrigerant to transport heat from 1 location to another.  In June, the program draws heat from indoor air as well as relocates it outdoors, creating a cooling effect. In December, the program reverses direction, finding ambient heat in outdoor air, compressing it to a higher temperature as well as relocating it indoors.  This process is safe, quiet, clean, as well as quite energy efficient. Because there is no combustion process to create heat, there is no concern over carbon monoxide, fumes, or sparks. The heat pump also does not overly dry the air in heating mode, doing away with the need for a humidifier.  During the warmer weather, the heat pump is effective at doing away with excess humidity. I am totally happy with the year round workings of the heat pump. My home is perfectly comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

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