Heating system break

Sundays are seriously the best! Every Sunday, I follow basically the same routine. I wake up, make lunch, do some studying, then I head over to the Dipson Theater to catch a new movie. I have been doing this for the past few months, & I enjoy it because it gives me an opportunity to unwind! The movie part of the afternoon is my absolute favorite time. However, a few weeks ago when I went to catch my movie, I arrived at my seat to find that the gas furnace in the theater wasn’t actually working. It was a freezing afternoon, so I was rather disappointed. I didn’t want to have to sit through the whole movie without a gas furnace to keep me warm. As the previews came on, I decided that I would improvise. I went to the ticket office to see if there was anything that could be done to get the gas furnace running. When they let me know that they were waiting on the Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional to get there, I decided to run out to my car. I had a blanket in there, & I decided to bring it back to the theater along with me. I was so looking forward to this hit movie that I didn’t want to miss it even though the gas furnace wasn’t even working. With the blanket, I was able to get perfectly cozy just as if I had been resting on our couch at my dwelling. It ended up being a great afternoon, & I was cheerful that the gas furnace wasn’t working. It made my afternoon to be able to take it easy like I was at my lake house in the theater. I hope the gas furnace gets repaired at the theater soon, but maybe I’ll take a blanket with me every single week now!

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