Heating system working on a daily basis

It has always been a bit funny to me how there are local, small neighborhood celebrities all across America, especially in small towns.  It is almost like every little farming community has a Bob Sue or an Uncle Jim who once saved a whole school full of children from a fire, or maybe your grandmother who makes cherry pies so darn delicious that you may wonder if Betty Crocker actually stole the recipe.  I appreciate all of these small-town traditions as well as the tales and stories that come with them. I just wish I had a better reason for my local claim to fame since I’m not the best baker or the most able gardener. I am that guy with the oldest fireplace in the county. How old does a fireplace have to be in order for your hometown to take note, you ask? Well, my fireplace is just over 71 years old and was part of the original building that we bought and refurbished.  It was originally built in the 1940s, and we’ve been using it ever since! Our whole family was raised in the far northern end of the country where we all live, so I really do use the fireplace on a very regular basis, however, when I first moved into this home so many years ago, I had no earthly idea that I had a piece of history sitting in the living room. That room used to be a grand ballroom hall, hence, the giant fireplace. I briefly inspected the thermostats for the rest of the house during our walkthrough, since that fireplace was so large and encompassing.  It certainly appeared to do the job just fine and I feel it has done that. Whenever I wanted my indoor air temperature to be warmer, whatever heating system I was using, it was quick to go into action. I lived without any heating problems for several cold months before we called an air conditioning and heating professional to come out and provide an HVAC tune-up. We even had the chimney sweep guy come out so together, the two professionals could ensure that we will continue to have a high, indoor air quality. When those guys got a look at my old heating methods for the first time, you should have heard the chatter. The chimney sweeper praised my fireplace for its intricate brickwork while the technician performed a heater tune-up. Ever since then, people have been stopping by unannounced to come in to see my beautiful, brick fireplace, but it isn’t all bad, since I started charging admission to the ballroom.

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