Movie night and great a/c

My best neighbor plus I love vampire motion pictures. One of our favorite things to do is curl up in the living room on Friday night with a couple glasses of beer plus watch a couple vampire flicks. The two of us have our overall favorites, however new ones are always the best. The two of us like the surprise whenever both of us don’t suppose what’s going to happen. The two of us don’t watch movies every weekend, though, because we’ve l gained that both of us get ourselves into a wee bit of silliness. Once we’ve had a few glasses down plus we’re a couple vampire movies in, both of us get a bit ridiculous. If it’s Wintertime, both of us turn the heat way up because somehow we’re certainly frigid cold. If it’s warmer outside, both of us usually close all the windows plus turn the air conditioner thermostat down low because both of us don’t want the neighbors to hear us carrying on like schoolgirls. The two of us really had someone call the city police on us for a noise complaint once because of that. Now both of us suppose better. We’ve gained to adjust our strategy plus use the air conditioner rather than leaving the windows open. My husband doesn’t like our using the heater and a/c so liberally much, however. He mostly doesn’t like the over the top energy bills as a result of our vampire motion picture marathon parties. He would prefer I don’t use the air conditioner when it’s not really necessary plus don’t turn the heat up so high when it isn’t really needed. I can’t absolutely apologize, because it’s definitely a guilty satisfaction thing for me. I’m only somewhat sorry.

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