Service to the heater and a/c

It’s consistently the hottest nights of the year when you realize that your air conditioner machine is not keeping you cool enough.  Both of us haven’t owned this apartment for all that long now, and we just haven’t gotten around to scheduling an air conditioner tune-up.  I believe that we absolutely should have called a Heating and A/C worker to come out and service our air conditioner and heating machine by now.  I mean, we really don’t know if the past family had arranged for any a/c preventive maintenance at all. Nor do we know for certain if they had pets, had construction projects in the residence, or whether they were complete slobs, or even if they ran the cooling machine full blast all the time, and never replaced the air filter.  No, I do not know the answers to any of these questions, although I do understand that a qualified Heating and A/C specialist is able to perform a Heating and A/C tune-up, check and change the filter and service or replace anything that might be required to get the a/c up to peak performance. A poorly inspected Heating and A/C machine will certainly perform poorly, failing to work well and costing a great deal of money to run.  So obviously, the first thing we need for our a/c machine is to change the filter and arrange for a superb ductwork cleaning. The Heating and A/C provider can do both of these things, although I will need to change the filter myself quickly. I took the old a/c filter to the hardware store and I purchased another filter and replaced it right away, and now I’m just waiting on the a/c provider.

heater repair