Smaller household and a/c

I will soon be moving into my newly built “tiny” residence, and I can’t wait.  Actually, my up-to-date new home is a bit larger than many “tiny” residences, since I will have just over 300 sq ft of living area, all under A/C.  Even the smallest of residences in the South still need A/C and a marvelous air quality. Situated among many other residences of relatively the same size, the subdivision design and size may actually be new, but wanting to hide that outside Heating as well as A/C unit is truly no different than in any other subdivision.  It is called green fencing and I’ve chosen the color fence that will surround the outside Heating as well as A/C machine. Having a central cooling system is a lovely thing, even with the smallest of residences, but that outside A/C machine can be an eyesore altogether. So some strategic landscaping is vital to try and keep that unit out of sight and still help my up-to-date Heating as well as A/C machine run more efficiently at the same time.  To ensure that, the outside machine needs great airflow to work respectfully. So the landscaper will leave at least 2 to 3 feet of area between the outside Heating as well as A/C machine and any plants or structures! That will also make sure there is space for an A/C repair serviceman to access the Heating as well as A/C machine as needed. Since I don’t have enough space for a hedge, the tree that I choose will be a specific one that will not lose leaves in the Winter, eliminating any problem of tree debris dropping into the fan equipment of the outside Heating as well as A/C machine.

a/c installation