The cooling component

I watched an ad on the tv the other day for a local corporation that pays cash to borrow your motorcar title. I would be able to keep the car, but give them the title for cash. Once I am able to pay back the cash, I will be able to get my motorcar title back. If I don’t ever pay them back, then after a while the repo man will show up plus take my motorcar away. After all, if I don’t have the title I can’t legally prove it is mine, right? This does not sound like the best thing to do, although I think I have to do it anyway. My AC is not working at all, and this warm season heat is seriously killing me, plus I need cash in hand at the moment. I have lived in this residence for two years now, plus only recently did it occur to me that I have never had the Heating and A/C machine checked out by a professional. The A/C machine always worked fine enough, so I just never thought about getting it officially checked or tuned up. If I had to get things done all over again, I would absolutely take better care of the air conditioner machine, but it’s far too late now. Right now what I need are some serious AC repairs performed on my machine, plus those are not cheap at all. I guess I don’t have many alternatives other than trading in my motorcar title plus using the cash to get the AC machine fixed up. The only other alternative I had was to sleep in the motorcar with the AC operating through the course of the night.

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