Want the best in a/c in the room

I grew up in a very strict and religious residence. There were a lot of us youngsters, not just our brothers and sisters but cousins and friends. Despite having authoritarian parents who did not hesitate to use the belt, we still managed to have a whole lot of fun and get into a legitimate amount of mischief. We were great youngsters, but in an environment where everything besides work and church was not considered good, it was tough to get by. All of that changed one summertime when our Uncle Jack brought over a wonderful new machine for the house. Believe it or not, at this point all of us had never seen a cooling machine. We heard of them of course, but since all of us were homeschooled and didn’t have friends outside of church, AC was pretty much a myth. Uncle Jack changed all of that when he installed the box-style cooling machine in the window of our dining room. It was not powerful enough for cooling down the whole residence, but within five minutes the room was perfectly cool. It was so neat, and I knew the AC was something I needed to have in my life from then on. My parents observed the impact this cooling machine had on their youngsters, and started using it as a reward. If we were able to finish our school work and chores for the day, all of us got an hour of free time in the air conditioned room. We could only use the AC just one hour every single day, but it was so beautiful.

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