Diner a/c technology

I finally got the huge option to go out to a nice dinner with our partner this week, and I was not going to pass it up for anything. I am an accountant as well as since it’s tax season, that means I have had no time to do anything for the past many months on end. I am finally free to take vacations as well as relax. Our birthday was just over last weekend, so our partner as well as I decided to go out to eat all by ourselves on Thursday night at a current seafood pizzeria right on the water. The two of us quickly sat down as well as ordered our food as well as then began to notice pretty immediately just how warm it was in the pizzeria. It was a very tepid morning to be sure, when both of us first walked into the pizzeria both of us did notice that the little air conditioner was running on high, however but now, I realized that it apparently had been shut off completely. About 15 minutes later, maybe 20,  as the air started to warm, the smell of rotten fish also began to waft its way over to our table. It was incredibly unappetizing at that point, to say the least. When our waitress walked by the table after a long time, I asked her about the air conditioner situation as well as she said she was aware, and that they were toiling on it. About 30 minutes later, I see an Heating as well as Air Conditioning company pull up, finally. Too bad, by then, the pizzeria smelled strongly of fish as well as it was making myself and others actually become quite ill. I told our partner that both of us should get up as well as leave at that point, before our food gets here or one of us gets sick.

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