Getting the a/c on

While I do my best to be a model citizen, my other family members have a criminal history. My sister used to have run-ins with the law over petty crimes, like shoplifting or refusal to spend money speeding tickets. My brother on the other hand has taken bigger risks with the law, and ultimately ended up paying for it. For a while, I had to completely cut off ties with him to protect my own family, as he had a warrant for his arrest and tried to hide at my home to avoid the police. I didn’t appreciate him trying to use me and my family in the least! Eventually, the law caught up with him, and he was sent to jail for a year. Just the other week, I had decided to be the one to pick him up after his release, and thankfully, he was a completely different person. He was explaining to me how prison was actually frightening for him, and one of the worst parts of it was the total lack of a/c 90% of the time. He loved when he was sent to the cafeteria to eat, as he got to relax in an air conditioned area for half an hour for every meal of the day. Otherwise, he was in his cell with no air circulation at all, As he told me about all the hardships in the big house, he kept turning the a/c up in my car, and holding his hands up to the vents. I’m very grateful he’s learned to appreciate the little things on the outside, like having a/c for more than an hour and a half each day. I don’t think he’ll be returning to his life of crime, based on the story he gave me!

cooling worker