Window a/c set up

When you first move out of your parents house, when you find your own place to live, it’s often a step down from their place. it helps motivate you to push yourself to earn enough to do better, but it can also leave many young people struggling to advance. One of my good friends, for example, has a terrible landlord that refuses to repair anything provided to his renters. He argues that they can find another place to live if they don’t like how he runs things. Some people really are jerks! Recently, my friend’s window a/c completely gave up the ghost on him. I asked him if it was worth trying to fix, but he said window units are usually more of a hassle to repair than to replace. I was doing a little better financially, and I felt obligated to help, so I offered to send some cash his way to help pay for a new window unit. My friend happily accepted my offer! The two of us set out to a hardware store to find a fairly priced yet reliable window a/c to install in his apartment. We lucked out in finding a unit that was fairly cheap and good quality and bought it. It was tricky to get the device installed, but after an hour of struggling with the unit, balancing it in the window, screwing it into place and sealing the edges around the unit, we were all ready to get that bad boy running!

a/c repair