Birds in the ducts

Working with a home renovation contracting firm is interesting, because you see the side of people that others rarely get to see. I don’t mean a secret life lived by our clients, but I’m referring instead to how even the most germaphobic people can overlook major sources of infestations and mold in their own homes. For example, I recently was tasked with helping the firm on a renovation project at a house on the beach. The customer wanted us to redo their kitchen and expand its size, which required us to disconnect and reconnect most of the appliances during the renovation. When we arrived and began our work, we noticed that the entirety of the house was completely pristine – every surface scrubbed, every carpet free of stains. We figured, hey – we didn’t mind working in a clean house for a change! Well, we spoke too soon, as we moved each appliance and found big piles of bugs both dead and alive. That wasn’t the worst part though, as we had to create a new opening for the ductwork to account for the stove exhaust. When we began sealing the old opening in the wall, we noticed scratching noises in the ducts. When we shined our flashlights in, we saw several birds in the ductwork eating bugs all over the ducts! It was disgusting to see, and we couldn’t even understand how bugs could find their way into the space. Either way, we had to put the project on the backburner and call a clean-up team to address the pest problem.

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