HVAC specs downloaded

Of course the HVAC system would die during a heat spell. That’s just the way it works right? The air conditioning system will work flawlessly throughout the spring and then in the dead of summer it decides to crash and burn.

I scoured the yellow pages looking for a local HVAC repair company that had the availability to send a technician out to my house. But apparently I wasn’t the only one having HVAC issues. Every company I called had a waiting list. The HVAC company with the shortest waiting list still would have me without air conditioning for four days. I didn’t have the patience to sit around in the heat waiting for that.

So I decided to tackle the job myself. As I did a little research, I found that by repairing my own HVAC system, I would probably be able to cut my repair spending in half! I googled the specs to my HVAC system and downloaded a repair tutorial online.

Within half an hour, I had a list of supplies that I’d need to make the air conditioner repairs, and within an hour I had jumped head first into the project.

Step one— turn off the HVAC system and the breakers. I switched the thermostat mode from “cool” to “off.”

Step two, step three, step four… I followed the steps for HVAC repair. At the completion of each step I hoped I was doing everything correctly and crossing my fingers that my AC unit would run again. There would be nothing more terrible than making the issue worse and thus prolonging the span of time I would be without AC! Not to mention I’d be losing money.

The last and final step— turn the breakers back on and move the thermostat switch from “off” to “cool.”

I held my breath and waited for the HVAC system to either burst into flames or to rumble to life.

It did the latter. Two hours later and the HVAC repair was complete, done by myself, at half the cost of hiring a professional, and now I was once again sitting in a well air conditioned home.

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