HVAC system utilizing ductwork

    You know what’s miserable? Being perfectly warm until you step foot on your floors. You get off the couch, get up from dinner or get out of bed and bam. Cold floors. They say you control your body temperature through your head and your feet. So guess what? If my feet are freezing cold, my body temperature quickly follows suit. I’ve experienced it. It’s not fun. Someday, I’d love to get heated floors. It’s my dream.

           The idea behind it is genius. Not only will your floors be warm, but so will the air in the room. Heat rises, so naturally the warm air from your floors will radiate upward and heat the room. To a certain extent of course. Heated floors wouldn’t mean you get to completely eliminate your HVAC system.

           Many HVAC systems utilize ducts/vents that are located on the upper part of walls. The heat then blows into the room from the top. Because heat naturally rises, often times the ground level of the room will remain inefficiently heated.  Thus, you waste a lot of efficiency (and thus dollars) by constantly forcing hot air into that room.

           I’m no expert, but to me it seems like heated floors would be an initial expensive cost, but in the long run the comfort and efficiency it brings would be worth the spending. I wouldn’t replace my HVAC system (or furnace) with just heated floors, but I would definitely invest in doing at least some areas of my home with heated floors.