I am totally jealous of my brother’s radiant heating system

I recently had some major problems with the furnace installed in my home.  The heating system was extremely old, inefficient, and a threat to my family’s health and safety.  The duct system was poorly designed, full of holes, and clogged with mold and bacteria. Unfortunately, the entire system malfunctioned during the middle of January.  I hired an HVAC professional for inspection and repair, and he informed me of the extent of the issues. He recommended that the entire system be torn out and upgraded.  Since I really didn’t want to invest a whole bunch of money into the repair of an outdated heating system, I agreed. With outside temperatures in the low twenties, we couldn’t remain in the house without heat.  We ended up moving in with my older brother for several weeks. My brother’s house is equipped with a radiant heating system that is absolutely amazing. Because of the heated floors, his house is the ideal temperature, no matter how cold it is outside.  There are no drafts, no cold spots, and no operational noises. The radiant system delivers heat without making a sound. There is no rattle of ductwork, whoosh of air from the vents, or annoying startup or shutdown noises. Plus, the radiant system is far cleaner than my forced air furnace.  The furnace uses air as a heat transmitter, and that air passes through the duct system and then gets blown into the rooms from the vents. It distributes dust, odors and germs all through the house. Since the radiant system doesn’t introduce air and creates only imperceptible air circulations, it promotes far superior indoor air quality.  I am now totally jealous of my brother’s heating system.

heated floors