Road trip with the a/c device

Julie loves taking road trips.  Her friends tell her she’s a nomad, and she has to agree.  She can never stay in one place for very long. She’s traveled all across the United States, from north to south to east to west.  She sometimes camps during her road trips, when the weather is beautiful outside, but when it’s too cold or too hot, she prefers staying at random hotels along the way.  She loves the comfy bed and hot shower, and catching up on current events on the television. While she does enjoy hotels, one of her biggest complaints about them is their heating and air conditioning units.  They are always too loud, waking her up at night, or too hot or cold, causing her to shiver or kick off her sheets in discomfort. She spends half her nights fiddling with the thermostat trying to get the temperature just right.  Recently, while staying for two nights at a roadside motel, the air conditioner was sputtering and making terrible noises. She called the manager immediately to send an HVAC technician into her room. The service technician was able to fix the problem so that she wasn’t sweating all night long. He told her that heaters and air conditioners in hotels are always breaking down, and that they keep his HVAC business busy year round.  She thanked him, only to have the same problem the following night. She told the manager the air conditioner repair hadn’t worked, and requested a new room. Road trips and hotels are fun, but Julie wishes the heating and cooling units were as reliable as they are in her own home!

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