Sealing those holes in the ductwork

I don’t understand why my home is been getting so hot lately. We have our air conditioning on and it’s almost always on but it doesn’t seem to be getting the house in a cooler. I inspected the system and could not find any issues with it. so I was forced to call the local HVAC company to come inspect the system. Having a professional ┬ácheck out the system was actually money mentally helpful as they were able to find out the issues. Apparently they were sizable holes inside of the ductwork Sealing that I was unable to notice. Luckily they were able to very simply amend the issues and completely resealed the holes for me. Within a couple of hours, the HVAC technician was able to seal up the ductwork and allow for my house to get cool again. I was very grateful as the bill was not actually all that expensive anyway. I was relieved to not need to replace the entire system as well.

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