Leaving for the north in the summer- what to do about AC in my apartment

This Summer I think I am going to visit my parents. I live in the south and they live in the north. I will admit, the south is way better all around. The only thing the north might have better is the Summer though. The southern Summers are just too darn hot. Even with the air conditioning going, the humidity and intense sun gets to be too much. Going outside is rough and I spend the whole time nursing a sunburn. That is why I think spending the Summer in the north with my parents will be nice. In the north, no air conditioning is needed. It gets hot, warm enough for a tan, but not enough to burn. A swimming pool is not even required. You actually can have people over and relax outside in comfort. The only thing I am worried about though is leaving my apartment. I don’t want to run my air conditioner system when I am not there. It would be a waste of electricity and would hurt my AC system. I would not be there to clean the cooling coil, change the air filter and clean the condensate drain. However, no AC in my place would allow the humidity to creep in. Then I would be dealing with mold when I get home. So what do I do about this situation? I am hoping my cooling system can be set on a low cooling mode. Maybe it would not damage the AC that bad and keep the mold from forming. Also doing a little bit of AC would not be too bad in terms of bills.


HVAC maintenance and air purifier

I have always been seriously worried about air quality.  I’ve studied about all of the health concerns which can be caused from breathing air contaminated with dust, pollen, mold and bacteria.  Headaches, hurt throat, excessive sneezing, itchy eyes, and nausea can all be caused by poor air quality. Even a lack of sleep and a lack of energy are caused by air pollution.  Because of this, I continually take necessary measures to protect the health of my indoor environment. I swap the air filters in the heating system and a/c every week, pay for professional duct cleaning every five years, and have enrolled in a service program with a statewide Heating plus A/C contractor.  The Heating plus A/C contractor performs a thorough examination, cleaning, and tuning of the heating system and a/c every year. Because of this program, the heating and cooling unit operates much more wonderfully and reliably. There is less of a likelihood of a buildup of debris within the inner workings which could stop airflow, diminish comfort, and threaten my wellbeing.  I pay lower weekly utility bills, experience far fewer malfunctions, and can expect my heating and cooling units to endure much longer. Plus, professional repair fulfills the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty. Since I keep up with my requirements, the cost of a terrible repair will be covered. After all of these precautions, I still wasn’t happy with the cleanliness of my home.  I noticed a large amount of airborne particles and a humid odor, and I was continually dusting and vacuuming. I did some studying, and have now determined that I need to have an air purification plan installed. I’ve already gotten a price and created an appointment with the Heating plus A/C contractor.

ductless HVAC

Loving our living room fireplace

The first time I placed my foot in this house, I understood I would have to live here in my near future. It was certainly out of our price range, but I felt an immediate link to this house that I’d literally never felt with any other house. I don’t even suppose how or why I scheduled a tour of the house, but it was just asking for me to live there. When I walked into the residing room, our eyes immediately fell on the center fireplace. It was wonderful! I’d regularly wanted a fireplace to use but never had the chance to get one. I could picture myself kneeling in front of the fireplace with an unbelievable book, cozy in the nice heated environment. I have had pictures like this in the past, & they almost regularly come to pass. I didn’t suppose it would pass through, but I figured I should make an offer on the home with the fireplace the next afternoon. I entirely didn’t expect them to even get back to me, let alone accept the offer. However, somehow, they accepted the price I gave them with a couple of prerequisite requirements. I was more than glad to comply with them. I simply can’t wait to use our new fireplace!

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Roommate and HVAC

I find no sound to be the most comforting atmosphere in the world. Don’t hear me wrong. I delight in a fantastic conversation like any other person; however, once you get accustomed to the soundlessness, it becomes a sort of blissful paradise. Many people can’t stand soundlessness, as it weirds them out, then but I like it, and I hardly ever find an opportunity to get perfect silence as my friends almost constantly have the heating or air conditioning turned on at all times. But I’m accustomed to it, and when I am home alone, I will flip everything off: the air conditioner, the heating, the electronics, the phones, everything. It’s just something that is like true paradise to me. I guess I’m unusual; however, it’s just what i like, then sometimes it’s too warm or cool, plus I’ll be using the aforementioned heating or air conditioner, but I still appreciate the soundlessness. It’s something that I only receive so much of, so I love to get it when I can.

temperature control

Need great indoor air conditions

Having pure air to breathe is an important factor in maintaining decent health, and my acquaintance Stacy plus I have resided in southern Africa for almost five years now. The person I was with and I both have good tasks, plus all of us easily love residing in a foreign country plus exploring new locations. Stacy is super creative, plus she prefers reading about  the architecture of the seasoned city all of us reside in. My passion is cooking, plus I love to cook new foods that I see in the diners here. When all of us are together, all of us prefer sightseeing. The person I was with and I have visited numerous aged places throughout the years that all of us have resided in Africa. One thing that neither Stacy nor I was prepared for is the terrible  air pollution. Although the town all of us reside in isn’t easily large, there are numerous greater cities surrounding us, plus they both produce large amounts of air pollution. For this reason, Stacy plus I have been looking into buying air cleaners for our home. The person I was with and I discovered a few that have easily nice reviews, plus they look as though they are quality machines! I personally suppose that all of us should buy 1 of these air cleaners, but Stacy has another idea! She wants to buy an air purification plan for the entire apartment. I suppose this is a decent idea, but it is much more costly than buying a couple individual media media air cleaners. I have tried to chat her out of her idea because of the cost, although she thinks that it is worth the financial downfall, plus that all of us would be risking our wellbeing if all of us don’t buy a purifier throughout the entire home. Either way, we will have clean air.

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Constant heat

My dream task is to be a stay-at-house wifey and mother. However, my wife and kids are our whole world. I prefer cleaning, cooking, and  just about everything involving managing of a household. However, in the real life, dreams don’t typically come true. My wife has a dependable task, and she works tirelessly to support us, but with four children, I have to earn some money in order for our kids to eat. I am a waitress at a local, family owned restaurant. I prefer our task really much, and one of our favorite sections about our task is being in an air conditioned building for most of the afternoon! The people I was with and I live in the South, and it is really warm year round. In our home, we do not ye town an air conditioning unit. It gets really warm while I was in the afternoon even with fans in all of the windows. This is why I prefer going to work everyday, but when I stumbled into the restaurant each afternoon, the cool air feels as though it were a little piece of heaven. However, even through the constant warmth from the ovens and stoves, our A/C system keeps the restaurant cool and enjoyable. Every once in awhile, a customer will grumble that it’s too cool in the restaurant, and I can’t help but chuckle because I guess how enjoyable it would be without AC, but going to our house is our favorite area of each afternoon. Tt is really difficult for our body to adjust to the warm temperature of our house. Occasionally, I take a cool shower just to be enjoyable at the house after being in an air conditioned building all afternoon. Although being a waitress is not our dream task, as leas they make me comfortable.


Warehouse needs heating

For the most part, I’d say I honestly enjoy my work in the supply chain industry. Sure, I still do my work in a distribution center doing a fairly easy warehouse job, although I believe my work to be very valuable to my managers! In the many years I’ve spent working for my company, I’ve been promoted from a lowly warehome worker to a receiving manager, which is genuinely pretty impressive as far as promotions are concerned! Still, the job does require working in environments that have no heating or a/c, and that can be taxing. One of my most painful memories of this job was when I helped take inventory for the entire distribution center with my coworkers – in the middle of December. I mostly agreed to do it because it seemed like a great opportunity to shine in front of my superiors, although I failed to realize just how chilly it is at five in the morning in a immense warehouse. When I got to work that morning, I walked in expecting the warehome to be chilly, but it was somehow more freezing inside than outside! As the supplier’s inventory control specialists briefed us on how the inventory process worked, I thought only of running into the break room to thaw out for a moment using the space heater in there. That entire morning, I would focus on quickly working through sections of the warehouse, carefully tallying up the quantities of goods on the shelf, before running to the break room to catch some respite from the cold in front of the space heater Apparently, my efforts impressed a few of my bosses, as they noticed how efficient and quick I was at handling my sections of the warehouse! To this day, I reflect on how I was motivated to work hard, all because of how chilly it was that morning. Since then, I’ve made sure to offer every employee as much time as they need to warm up in our break room before we all head out to start work in the morning.

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DIY HVAC repair

My fiance and I find ourselves viewing a little too much TV these days. usually we’ll watch a drama or a funny comedy series, often escaping our routine lives to be part of a superhero’s universe or immersed in a good horror film. One day, we looked at each other and realized something – we’re wasting our time! All we do is watch TV shows that offer nothing useful to our real lives. While we wanted to change our ways, we found it difficult to quit the habit, so we compromised. For the past month, we’ve been seeing a ton of home network shows about fixing up your home and yard. It’s been good so far, and it’s opened our eyes to the countless possibilities for improving our home! However, it’s also made us realize that renovating your home can be an incredibly daunting and costly endeavor. For example, we decided we wanted to add an air conditioner to our garage to make it a bedroom. Simple enough, right? All we had to do was install an air handler inside the garage, and a compressor outside to supply the cold or warm. Well, if you’ve never worked with electrical wiring or heating and cooling equipment, it’s not so easy. aAfter a day’s worth of cutting holes into our drywall, attempting to run wiring through to the outside and repeatedly shocking ourselves, we decided we had enough! I looked up the phone number to a local HVAC business who could finish the job for us, and we fortunately found a woman who could do just that. When she came to the house and saw the mess we’d created in our garage, she simply smiled. “Not as easy as it looks on TV, is it?” She was a little cocky, but she was right, both of us were really in over our heads!

HVAC service

Enjoying our excellent air quality

My kid can get pretty ridiculous! He has been acting up and he always tries to get his way. When he kept complaining about our air conditioning system needing to be replaced, I told him we couldn’t afford that. So what does he do? He went and called the police saying that we were trying to kill him! When the police came to our door checking out the matter, we had to explain that we were not trying to kill our son. He just wanted a new HVAC system and we said how we were short on cash at the moment, so we couldn’t get a new heating and cooling system. The HVAC system was still working, but required some maintenance which we were planning on getting done soon. The police talked to my son telling him how he should only call the police for emergencies. He apologized but still said we were killing him with this poor air quality. I decided to ground my son from his phone and computer for a week. But, I did end up talking to a heating and cooling company about the prices for upgrading. My son was right about one thing, our heating and cooling system was very old and wasn’t very energy efficient anymore. I actually wound up going with a pretty decent heating and cooling upgrade for a good price. My son was so thrilled, but I told him firmly that this didn’t mean he was getting his way, it was simply an investment for the household! He just smiled and didn’t say a thing about it. We all were able to enjoy wonderful air quality in the house going forward!

indoor air quality

HVAC system maintenance

Everytime my mom would call me, I would have to lie about how things were going. She would ask how things were, and I would say that everything was going great. The truth is, everything wasn’t going great. I knew that if I said I was having problems with my HVAC system, she would want to pay for the repairs. I don’t want to put any sort of financial burden on my mom! I have pride in doing things on my own, no matter how long it takes! I may not have the highest paying job, but I can certainly manage! I did feel a little bad about not being honest with her though. The one day when she said she wanted to come visit, I actually had to fess up to what was going on! I told her she might not enjoy the visit because our heating and cooling system was going on the fritz for quite some time. She asked me why I didn’t tell her sooner, and I basically said because I didn’t want her to worry about me. She then started telling me that they recently got enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan and it’s the best thing! She told me that for a flat yearly fee, all her heating and cooling system maintenance is covered. They have 2 main service appointments before the winter and summer seasons. They also cover up to 4 repairs per year without having to pay additional cash for those repair calls! I thought that sounded amazing and I could certainly cover that! I was glad that I finally told my mom what was going on.